Our Story

The Search Factory Vision

Search Factory started as a daydream Nic Blair had as he plugged away on the Flight Centre SEO team, frustrated by industry double-talk and the over-promising messages of various digital agencies. Trying to pin down high quality SEO in Brisbane was next to impossible; long-sighted link building had reached mythical proportions – it either didn’t exist or nobody was talking about it.  Fed up with an unchanging SEO market, Nic took matters into his own hands and became the founder and director of Search Factory.

Building the Team

Ever the savvy entrepreneur, Nic rolled back his ambitions and started small, concentrating on a vision of quality SEO. Far from a get-rich-quick scheme, the challenges were substantial, as Australian businesses clung to the low-cost SEO model fostered by most local agencies. Following the pack was never an option; quality and accountability necessitated an all-inclusive Australian-based team. It was going to be a long road, or so Nic thought. As Search Factory gained momentum and the dream became sustainable, Michael Bell jumped aboard the customer-focused SEO bandwagon, saying goodbye to a successful Search Manager gig at Mediacom. A business development superstar with presence and hustle to boot, Michael became a SF convert a few months after the company’s first birthday. On the back of positive portfolio growth, Michael and Nic became co-owners in late 2012, balancing client education with the demands of cultivating the next SEO powerhouse.

Risk Takers and Dream Makers

Search Factory became an agency of big statements. Insisting high-quality, cost-intensive SEO techniques would prevail long term was risky in a low-cost, who-cares-about-quality atmosphere, but our unwavering conviction soon paid off as Google began releasing Panda and Penguin updates. Cheap and cheerful links were brutally penalised and our clients blitzed the rankings, enjoying the view from the top and an unprecedented level of enquiry. Search Factory became a force to be reckoned with, providing future-proofed strategies and contactable, expert staff. The Search Factory team continue to move two steps ahead of the competition, as a talented team of SEM, SEO and R&D testing whiz kids who derive innovative strategies from boundary-pushing experiments.

Are You Ready to Rank with Us?

Search Factory is more than a job and a paycheque; it’s a lifestyle, a passion, a place where the best and brightest come to hone their talents. So what does that mean for our clients and the future? We are striving to become online marketing all-rounders, earning the expert tag in every conceivable sub-field, from SEM to social media strategy. Nic and Michael strongly believe in gauging the needs of the market, recruiting the right people and only offering a service when we know our staff can blast your competition off the first page. Growth for the sake of it doesn’t guarantee success. Big changes are coming to Search Factory in 2015 – follow the links below and get excited; this year could be your year to rank higher and bigger than ever before.

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Our Service

Search Factory is an Australian digital agency driven by results. Based in Brisbane, SF is owned and operated by a team of SEO Brisbane experts, merging the online disciplines of SEO, SEM, Content Marketing and Content Writing into an unparalleled customer experience. We don’t believe in formulaic packages; we can’t template your business or develop a one-size-fits-all model – and neither should you. Instead, we crawl inside your industry, building an understanding of your competitors, audiences, long and short term goals, and strategic driving points. Search Factory understands the brightest blueprint for success is fully customisable and based on detailed consultation and vertical investigation, as no two businesses are the same. Don’t be seduced by instant first page promises – Search Factory will get you where you need to be for the long haul.

Mission Statement

Search Factory provides a superior client service, leading the digital charge for premium account management within the Australian market. All Search Factory staff strive to provide true transparency, detailed reporting and proactive strategies to boost rankings and results according to relevant development plans.  We care about our clients and we are passionate about marketing success for all Australian businesses.