Joining Search Factory is a lifestyle choice. We live search, breathe SEO and engage in hard discussions about content marketing. We stay ahead of the game, defining the rulebook and setting the score, while our competitors struggle to catch up or stay afloat. A Search Factory team member is passionate about excellence, ignoring quick fixes or the easy street. We push past barriers and misconceptions, test the limits of algorithms and dismiss a trove of recycled gimmicks to deliver an exciting, customised solution to every client. See why people join our SEO Brisbane team.


The Best of Brisbane

Many companies claim they source and secure only the brightest stars on the Brisbane recruitment circuit, hungry for the most successful straight out of the graduate gate. While grades and extra-curricular internships certainly capture our attention, we are dedicated to finding untapped potential beneath layers of CV jargon. Different positions require different skills and experience levels, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and have a chat to one of our friendly managers. You could be exactly the fresh face we’ve been looking for.

Quality Training

Do you detest the deep end? Would you like to learn to swim before battling industry sharks and ducking under tumbling waves of reports, key terms and client expectations? If you’re entering the rolling world of online marketing and targeted content, don’t be afraid, our department heads have developed a range of quality training structures to ensure you hit the cyber water with confidence. New recruits (and old ones too) enjoy ongoing seminars, workshops, on-the-job training and monthly reviews to keep them on top of their game, identifying opportunities for personal and professional growth, and celebrating victories of any size.

Career Growth

Let us know if this sounds familiar…You started on the bottom of the ladder, fetching coffees, making copies and generally absorbing every loose snippet of information, adding value where possible and keep your ears open for company insights. It’s been a year, eighteen months, two years and you’ve barely left the ground floor, despite actively applying your time and attention to every conceivable facet. You’ve hit a ceiling that you just can’t get past.
Search Factory prides itself on being an office without limits; we love ambitious, driven, even-minded professionals or soon-to-be professionals. If your dreams are beyond the reaches of our walls, our staff will do everything we can to support you in your journey, providing the skills, experience and tools you need to be the best in your chosen digital field.


Active Company Culture

Each year, the Search Factory team spends around 2,295 hours together, solving problems, meeting with clients, churning out content, building links, improving websites and advising small businesses, big businesses and industry giants. We’re a family of unlikely personalities: outgoing sales stars, quirky content writers, dynamic marketers and slick SEO executives. Search Factory also believes in the pursuit of personal excellence, allocating a few hours each week to projects of our own creation (blogs, websites, books, business ventures, etc), holding Getting Smarter seminars and generally encouraging each staff member to become well-rounded digital denizens. Submit Your CV and Cover Letter Today!

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