The Search Factory Internship Program

We all need to start somewhere. As university comes to a close or your third year rumbles around, rearing its demanding head, it may be time to start thinking about the future. Internships are an industry-approved avenue of gaining experience and relevant grounding, providing you with an insight into a world so completely different from the chill/rush cycle of tertiary education.

The General Gist

Search Factory have engineered a tri-tiered internship program, designed to educate, facilitate and impassion marketing, advertising, creative writing and communications students, instilling our values of hard work and excellence in each and every soul who swings through our doors.

The Story of Our Success

If you seek an internship experience unlike any other consider joining our Brisbane SEO / digital marketing team today. Register your interest today and be assured you won’t be just another face; each intern we’ve inducted into the Search Factory team has gone on to bigger things, usually within the company itself. Yes, that’s right, there is a definitive possibility of employment at the end of our internship tunnel. Experience, new skills, free Spotify and possible employment… are you convinced yet? No? Before you click the X, read a few of our success stories. In a matter of months, their words could be yours!

Yvette Callanan


In early 2012, Search Factory experienced a period of rapid growth, so we advertised for an enterprising content marketing intern. Yvette jumped on the opportunity as she entered her penultimate year of a Bachelor of Marketing at QUT, determined to get her feet wet before facing off against the career question. During her time as a content marketing intern, Yvette embraced the challenge of sourcing, communicating and negotiating article placement with a range of bloggers and websites, identified opportunities for higher efficiency and growth, and voluntarily adopted higher budgets as her skillset evolved. Today, Yvette has moved sideways in the Search Factory office; after mastering content marketing completely in a full-time capacity, she is now enjoying a completely new position, joining the SEO division as a Junior SEO Executive.

Search Factory represented an opportunity. There’s no such thing as traditional marketing anymore; digital is the way to go. SF has an addictive work culture; everyone has an understanding of each other’s needs, and knowledge is a huge deal, with every member pitching in some bit or another to pick up and apply later on.”

Ricky Wang


As 2013 rocketed on, the brains behind the Factory gears recognised the necessity to expand our Content Marketing team once again, attracting the notice of Ricky Wang, a determined internet whiz kid with an aptitude for quick thinking and online rhythms. A fast learner, Ricky quickly gained momentum as an intern, officially joining the full-time team in September, genuinely excited by the fast-paced atmosphere of a dynamic digital office. Since notching up a permanent position, Ricky has represented Search Factory with distinction, employing an enviable work ethic and becoming integral to the company culture, cracking unexpected jokes at a moment’s notice.

“Search Factory is a fantastic place to intern. You can enjoy what you’re doing without being somebody else. You can be yourself working with a group of cool, creative people. There is no better internship opportunity out there.”