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22 08, 2016

What You Missed Last Week in Digital

By |August 22nd, 2016|

Google Blames Bots for Keyword Planner Changes

Google raised eyebrows last week when they implemented changes to Keyword Planner data, meaning that low-paying accounts will now only have limited access. An explanation for the changes was offered via the AdWords Community forum. Google said “This change was made so that we […]

19 08, 2016

Quiz: Do You Remember What Social Media Looked Like 10 Years Ago?

By |August 19th, 2016|

Social media is always evolving, and it’s certainly come a long way in the last decade.

There’s no better proof of this than comparing sites today to what they looked like back in 2006. How good is your social media memory?

17 08, 2016

Should You Dig Deeper? Looking Past Page 1 for Answers

By |August 17th, 2016|

There’s an old saying that the best place to hide a body is on page 2 of Google. Obviously this isn’t serious (people can’t go through screens, silly), but think about it: when did you last click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page? I’ll admit, I’m […]

15 08, 2016

What You Missed Last Week in Digital

By |August 15th, 2016|

We know you’ve been hanging out for the latest installment of our digital news updates, so without further ado, here’s what’s gone down in the industry over the past week.

Bing Makes Online Amnesia Easier in the EU

Bing has announced changes to their Right To Be Forgotten policy in the […]

12 08, 2016

The Year So Far: AdWords (and Bing) News

By |August 12th, 2016|

It’s been a big year already for paid search. With more Bing and AdWords news than you can poke a stick at, it’s easy to find some of it slipping through the cracks. Don’t worry though – we’ve done a recap of all the biggest and most exciting news […]

8 08, 2016

What You Missed Last Week in Digital

By |August 8th, 2016|

The Olympic Google Doodle
Google celebrated the start of the Rio Olympic Games by substituting its usual logo with animated fruit participating in sporting events. Launched on August 5, the doodle is tied to a free ‘Fruit Olympics’ game available in the Google app, while clicking on it leads to […]

5 08, 2016

How To Not Get Screwed By An Internship

By |August 5th, 2016|

So, you’ve landed yourself an internship and your foot is officially in the door. Congratulations! Follow our advice to get the most out of your internship and make sure you learn more than the office coffee order.
Identify Your Goals

Identify what it is you wish to get out of the internship, from […]

3 08, 2016

Together Forever: The Relationship Between Web Design and SEO

By |August 3rd, 2016|

Web design and SEO are like the Posh and Becks of the digital world. Both marriages enjoyed their start amongst the questionable fashions of the nineties, but there’s no questioning the enduring stability of their relationship as they’ve evolved over the years (long live the Posh bob).

In today’s landscape, […]

1 08, 2016

What You Missed Last Week in Digital

By |August 1st, 2016|

Greetings! We hope Monday hasn’t been too hard on you. If you’re having a little trouble getting into the swing of things this week, why not cheer yourself up with some tidbits from the digital world? Yep, it’s that time of the week again, when we look back at […]

29 07, 2016

4 Quick Tips You Can Implement Now for Better Writing

By |July 29th, 2016|

Written communication – love it or hate it, it’s probably here to stay. At least until someone develops implants that allow us to chat telepathically with anyone, anywhere.

Until that happens, writing will remain important. If it’s not your forte, this post is for you: 4 super simple tricks to […]