You have decided to make a New Year’s resolution to improve your online presence for your business. Like most, you are stumped as to where to start. A large portion tend to skew towards giving online advertisements. While this is a valid and powerful tactic, it requires a sound technical know-how of manoeuvring ad campaigns and one may get disheartened in their efforts not bearing fruit. Well I’m here to let you know there is another option for achieving Internet glory. Most overlook the power and impact that effective content can have on your business. This article will walk you through why you should consider content marketing as a valid path to achieving your New Year’s marketing resolution.

Content Marketing Builds Relationships

It is a no-brainer, people enjoy reading, listening and looking at more interesting and informative information as opposed to ads. Creating quality informative content that is personable, shareable and valid to a reader has the power to create a strong following of readers who essentially trust what you have to say. Think of online content as the digital version of word of mouth. Build a kingdom and they will come; the same can be said for content. Build quality content and people will read it, watch it and if you are lucky, share it with their friends. If done well, you can create a community of loyal customers who essentially become brand advocates.

Content Marketing Builds Brand Authority

Consumers online are more involved in the informational search process  as opposed to those who are looking in the physical world. People seek to find some form of validity and affirmation in their decision making. Creating informative content demonstrates to consumers that you have a degree of authoritative knowledge within the subject you are preaching. Compare this to ads, where it is considerably more difficult to generate brand authority. In fact 70% of customers prefer to get to know a company via articles as opposed to ads. Generating informational guides, helpful videos, top tips and current industry trends are methods that are valuable to your customers and subsequently build brand equity for your company.

Content Marketing Spreads You all over the Internet

With physical stores, the more locations you have, the more sales you are likely to make. The same principle applies to online. The extra channels you have pointing to your sales or information mechanism (like a website) has the potential to generate more sales or inform people about your company. Content marketing has the capability to develop and disseminate those additional channels that lead to your website. For example, the more blogs posted, the more indexed pages you have, and having more indexed pages with your content gives you a greater spread online. It is projected that blogs give companies 97% more indexed links and can improve site visitations by 55% – these aren’t small numbers. They can potentially mean hundreds of more incoming eyes looking at your website. So, have I convinced you that you should give content marketing a go? If you’re wondering how a strong content marketing campaign is run, read about it here. Remember, rich content is a powerful tool that, if leveraged properly, can create great success for your business. Search Factory has a dedicated team, so if you want to give content marketing a go, but are time poor or not prepared to wet your toes on your own, contact us – we are always happy to discuss your content needs.

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