Undoubtedly one of the best ways to improve your ad-words quality score is via an increase in CTR (click through rate). Having a higher CTR than your competitors shows Google that the information you’re providing is more relevant to their users, not only that but per 100 impressions Google will make more money from you than they will from your competition! We all know how Google love to make a dollar.


1. Capitalisation – The first step to getting that click is getting your ad noticed, and capitalisation is a great way to achieve that. Simply capitalize the first letter of each word to make your ad pop!

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2. URL hashing – Another trick which is often overlooked for increasing CTR is simple URL hashing. The first rule with using URL hashing is to make sure your ad-group is tightly themed. For example if your ad-group is targeting cheap flights don’t use keywords like cheap airfares in the same ad-group. Once you have your tightly themed ad-group setup simply use the target keyword at the end of the display URL. For example www.examplesite.com.au/CheapFlights.

3. Site Links – Site Links are great for increasing CTR from a few angles. First and foremost you capture more “above the fold” real-estate, leading to better brand exposure and more clicks. Secondly you provide users with more options to choose from, for example if a user made a search for “cheap flights” they’re indicating they are after a cheap flight but where to? This is where site links can be worth their weight in gold! You simply do a little digging in analytics to identify the top 4 converting products from the search term “cheap flights” and add them as site link extensions, this leads to more clicks and higher conversion rates.

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4. Punctuation & Symbols – Much like capitalisation punctuation and symbols can help grab the consumers wandering eye. The first part of the battle is getting a customer to just notice your ad and read it. If your offer is compelling they’ll click. All sorts of symbols and punctuation can be used to increase CTR.

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5. USP – Grabbing a consumers attention is one thing but the real key to getting that click and more importantly the conversion is via your USP. Simply have a look at what your competitors are bringing to the table in there ad-copy and develop a strategy to outsell them. Remember you don’t always have to compete on price it can be quality, product features, special offers and more. Work out what your target market wants and then deliver it to them.

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