After receiving a few comments about my first Google search queries post I thought I’d put together a “part 2”. Having said that, there will probably also come a part 3 and 4 down the track as the list is large! So I’ve chosen another five search queries that I like to use for link building. Once you understand how the queries actually work, it is just a matter of constructing your own version to tailor the results depending on the types of links you’re looking for. Be creative!

5 MORE search queries for link building:

  1. It goes without saying the .edu links are potentially one of the most powerful, authoritative links you can get. Even when finding a potential link partner it can be difficult to acquire the link. The following query could be used to find Australian .edu sites with a page on your topic – topic
  2. The following is another way to identify sites that accept guest posts. With Google’s ability to identify post authors in blogs, you can utilise the following to see if a post author is identified as a guest post – inposwwwthor:”guest post” topic
  3. This query is designed to identify sites with ‘submit’ in their URL. It then filters sites that include .au in their domain and for a little extra relevance includes sites mentioning the topic that your targeting – inurl:submit topic
  4. If you’re someone that likes to sponsor events, it also presents a good opportunity to get a link for recognition of your donation or sponsorship. The following search query is designed to identify events looking for sponsorship. Using the query again allows us to narrow results to Australian sites – inurl:sponsor event
  5. The final query for today is a similar search to one of our previous queries, however narrows down slightly with the intitle inclusion. This will show website pages on your topic that have “submit post” in the title – intitle:”submit post” topic

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