Google’s search engine algorithms are having a heavy effect on local and global business. With Google looking to improve their search result quality, Penguin and Panda are trawling through every dark crevice online, looking for low quality websites, or those using black hat SEO tactics in order to be found on page one. It is now as important as ever to make sure your SEO strategy is done the right way.

Google Panda, the low quality content killerFor those of you who don’t know, Google Panda “The Low Quality Content Killer” is Google’s algorithm update that looks for and punishes websites with low quality on-site content. Websites with thin or duplicate content, or those who take short-cuts like keyword stuffing are sure to be penalised. It has become increasingly important to have relevant and high quality content designed for the user, rather than the rankings and this update doesn’t just affect the average business website; even someone as big as eBay has been hit with a Panda Penalty. Thanks to the Panda update, eBay lost 80% of their rankings, which is believed to have cost them $200 million in revenue. The reason they were slapped in the face with a penalty? Thin Content and Doorway Pages.

Google Penguin, the spammy backlink punisher

Google Penguin “The Spammy Backlink Punisher” seeks out websites with spammy or unnatural backlink profiles. The Penguin has an eye for dodgy websites, high volumes of exact match anchor text and link networks. Like Google Panda, the Penguin isn’t afraid to penalise one of the big guys in the business world. Expedia was one of the high profile businesses penalised by the Penguin, due to what they claim to be, high quality ‘negative SEO activity’. To put the effect of this penalty into perspective, Expedia, a company worth around $10 billion, lost 25% of their search visibility, which coincided with a 4% slash of their share price.

So whether you’re a big or small business, make sure you beware Google Penguin and Panda. They have the power to destroy your business, and if you give them a reason to, they will. If you believe your business could be at risk of a Penguin or Panda penalty, be sure to contact us today.

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