The recently launched tool from Majestic SEO has been heralded as one of the most useful SEO metrics to date. Their new ‘topical trust flow‘ feature aims to categorise the whole web down to every single page and subdomain. Being able to drill into the backlink profiles of competitors to analyse their links by categories has unlocked so much potential for SEO-ers as well as digital publicists. I came across this article on Search Engine Watch on how to find online PR opportunities using topical trust flow and I’ve decided to give it a try. Follow my step-by-step guide below:

1. Put together a list of 8-10 major competing brands in the same niche as your clients. For this case study, I’m looking into the link profile of Boomf who sells marshmallow with Instagram prints as I’ve seen them in the press trending quite a bit.

2. In Majestic, enter the root domain of the competitor’s site in the search box. Make sure you select ‘Root Domain’ from the dropdown.

3. Look at the score in the Society or News topics; sites with a higher score in those topics are more likely to have received more high quality digital press coverage.

Digital PR

4. Now click on the ‘Topics’ tab in the menu; then click on ‘External Backlinks’ for News/ Magazines/ Ezines category. The table will show the top 10 news/ newspaper links. Click ‘download all’ to get a complete list.

Digital PR


5. Follow these links to the publicity sources to build a target list of publications, journalist and writers you may approach for your clients.

Digital PR


6. Next, search for ‘News’ in the top filter box for more news type of sites where your competitors have got links from.

Digital PR


7. Here you’ll find a few more sets of top publicity sources; you could easily build a target list of around 100 sites by repeating this exercise looking into other competitors’ profiles.

One limitation to this new feature is that it’s only showing data from their Fresh Index i.e. data seen over the last 90 days of web crawling, which Majestic has said it is their intention to expand the data set to include their whole Historic index.

Have you been exploring ways to use Topical Trust Flow to find PR opportunities? Get onto it and share with us any interesting findings in the comments below.

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