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Facebook has announced an update to its split testing feature, providing marketers with a better understanding of their ads. Given the importance of social media Facebook advertising in modern marketing campaigns, capitalising on this update is key to developing a strong advertising strategy.


What is split testing?

Designed to make your Facebook ads more effective, split testing has been available since October 2017. It provides advertisers with valuable insights by allowing them to test different versions of ads while trialling other optimisation features, including ad formats, calls to action, and creative options.

Split testing works by dividing ads into multiple versions and pitting those versions against each other. To ensure accuracy, it keeps ad sets in separate, non-overlapping groups. Each ad set needs one distinct characteristic, known as a variable – apart from that one variable, all the ads being tested should be duplicates. This permits advertisers to identify the highest-performing variable.

You can set up split testing through Ads Manager.


The Facebook Split Testing Update

Launched in early April, the Facebook split testing update has simplified the process of conducting different experiments on your ads. You can now create split tests in Ads Manager using the Quick Creations flow, instead of just the Guided Creations workflow. The Quick Creations flow makes it easier to create and test ads in bulk. There’s also the option of split testing ads designed for post-engagement, using interactions like event responses and page likes to measure performance.

In addition to these new features, advertisers can also duplicate existing tests without reapplying settings that were already in place. Instead of starting over and building new split tests from the ground up, you can use existing tests to analyse different aspects of your ad campaigns.

The update also includes a dashboard, where advertisers can review their ads based on different KPIs, including CPC, CPM and CTR. This dashboard takes the guesswork out of assessing your split test results, making the data much easier to understand.

If you weren’t already using spilt testing, this update makes it even more worthwhile. Allowing the results of split testing to inform your marketing strategy means you can optimise your Facebook ads to reach your target audience more effectively and boost your return on investment.

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