B2B Marketing is always a tricky area to gain traction and obtain quality leads for your business sector. There are multiple ways to utilise B2B marketing effectively and different strategies you can deploy. Below are 4 B2B Marketing techniques Search Factory finds most effective when using Google Adwords.

Branded Remarketing

b2b-remarketing A lot of Business to Business decisions can be a long window to conversion, as there may be a tender process and contracts being written up, as well as other steps which delay everything. What better way to keep your business top of mind and overall brand awareness up ahead of your competitors than using Remarketing. Mixing that with specially-designed branded banners promoting a specific service helps to give the perception that you are a bigger player than your competitors, allows you to re-engage previous visitors to your website and also keep the window of opportunity open.


b2b-marketing-testing As with any marketing efforts, split testing and testing different landing pages for your advertising efforts is vitally important to obtaining success for your B2B marketing campaign. Different messages and even different colours trigger different emotions. Its important to study the results from split testing ads to make an informed decision on what is working for your campaign and what isn’t. In doing so, the campaigns will receive much greater results and the quality of the lead will also increase.

White Paper Downloads

b2b-marketing-whitepaper Making yourself the authoritative figure of the industry will always be a goal of any business, as this results in large business deals and multiple clients coming back to acquire the service offering. This especially applies to B2B Marketing, where establishing yourself as the best in the industry sees the biggest contracts coming through. How do you achieve this though? Writing white papers on industry matters or how to achieve particular tasks and educating other sectors/competitors on some matters, will help establish your business as industry leaders. Making this information readily available through a download or promoting it through Google Adwords and promoting it through Banner Advertising will assist your company in achieving its goals.

Key Performance Indicators

Setting KPIs is incredibly important to monitoring and achieving acceptable results. Adwords is exceptional at doing this. Utilising its conversion tracking and advanced segmentations (achieved through Analytics for Goal Tracking and Dynamic Call Tracking), we can clearly identify if our B2B Marketing efforts are effective or not. This allows us to justify strategy and budgeted spends that other marketing efforts such as TV & Radio advertising will not allow us to collect data on.


To summarise, implementing and using just some of these techniques will benefit your B2B marketing efforts and help improve results. Contact Search Factory today to get started today and allow us to improve your B2B Marketing.

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