Mobile page speed has been something Google has been trying to improve for years. To help marketers and businesses, Google recently released two new tools to assist webmasters in benchmarking their performance against competitors and identifying the potential lost revenue due to slow page speed.

Speed Scorecard

The Speed Scorecard tool will rank you against your chosen competitors in order of mobile page speed. The tool pulls data from the Chrome User Experience Report. The tool can only report on a few thousand websites across 12 countries. For users whose websites aren’t included in the results, you can check your mobile page speed with another Google tool, Test My Site.

As Google mentioned, “We recommend that a site loads and becomes usable within five seconds on mid-range mobile devices with 3G connections and within three seconds on 4G connections.”

Image sourced from the Google Blog.

Impact Calculator

The Impact Calculator allows users to look at the negative effect that a slow page load time has on revenue. The data being used is based on The State of Online Retail Performance report from April last year. The report showed that for every second that the page load was delayed, it can negatively affect conversions by up to 20 percent.

Image sourced from the Google Blog.

You can access both of these tools here.

See the official announcement here.

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