Following my previous post about the the key to being a charismatic content marketer, I’m going further down the track on our discussion to talk about some other personality traits that anyone who wishes to move into the content marketing profession will need to display.

Be Adaptable

Be Adaptable

If you ever wondered how many times Google has rolled out major algorithm updates, check out this calender on Moz. Moz suggested that each year Google changes its search algorithm around 500 – 600 times. Content marketing and the search landscape are definitely not for those faint-hearted.

Being adaptable is much more than just keeping up with the changes, while also trying to foresee from the crystal balls of what the next big thing is that will rock the search landscape, and strike (or at least be prepared for it) before it attacks! Our SEO Manager Dave has recently blogged about three things you can do today to prepare for author rank, and that was a perfect example of being on top of the changes before it hits.

Take the recent Penguin 2.0 rollout as another example, the team here has tested and witnessed the importance of co-occurance, local citations and brand mentions in positively influencing search rankings. We’ve taken the steps to increase the percentage of branded backlinks and brand mentions in the content we create and distribute for clients. This has kept most of our clients ‘Penguin proof’ after the recent Penguin 2.0 update. It’s also worthy to note that nothing is set in stone in the search landscape, we’ve changed our content marketing strategy for clients a few times in the previous 12 months to stay on top of the game, and this will keep evolving.

Monitoring changes and trends also mean you have to interrogate some numbers for them to tell you the full story. Statistics and reports are our best friends. Check out my post on how Australians are using social media here.

Be Fun

be fun

Hands up for those who were sniffing your mobile screen trying the do a Google Nose search on how a wet dog would smell like? Big guys like Google and Youtube know how clever use of humour puts a smile on everyone’s face as well as enhancing their brand image. Apart from maintaining a fun culture that everyone at Search Factory truly endorse and adore, having fun with your content creation is as vital. We’ve all witnessed the power of viral content through social media, and funny pieces seem to rule the world on sites like Buzzfeed. If your clients happen to sell pet food or accessories you’re a lucky one! From Snapcat to Adult Cat Finder, anything cat-related seems to get a lot of viral love these days. Even if you’re in some more ‘traditional’ verticals such as banking and insurance, there’s always a humorous approach you can take to attract clicks and share, check out this Compare the Meerkat campaign as a brilliant example.

So have you got what it takes to claim the title as the content marketing guru?

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