Starting out in the link building sector I was given small day to day tasks such as prospecting or writing content. This all seemed a little too easy as I was only dealing with a small client with few requests, and then once fully trained, I received more clients and realised that there was a lot more to link building. There are many qualities that a link builder must have, but the following 3 traits, I’ve learnt, are probably the most imperative:


A link builder can be writing up to, if not more, 300 article titles a month for an assortment of clients with 25 or so titles being on the same topic. This is when the creative juices come in to play. Firstly look at the topic and think, what don’t I know about this topic, this generally gets me started. Otherwise re-wording generic article title ideas usually does the trick if you get stuck. There are also handy online tools that can give you an idea of what people are searching such as Uber Suggest, this helps provide numerous title ideas for selected/targeted keywords.



Dealing with a phenomenal amount of bloggers and keeping track of them is time consuming as conditions change and blogs might even lose authority. On top of that, blogs are used only once for each client, so when one blog is used to its limit we need to start prospecting for other sites that have a matching theme and will have the highest return for our clients.

Impeccable time management

Writing titles, finding quality sites and working with bloggers, you start to get into a rhythm of work, break that rhythm and suddenly get side tracked by another task you could possibly delay the time limit given which could potentially follow through to the next month.

The time and effort that goes into link building is important and I’m confident to say that it is one of the challenging parts to SEO, as it’s hard to measure and link builders must use good quality links as Mick C has stated in his previous blog, SEO Beginners Guide Part 7: Link Building. If low quality sites are being used, and the Google algorithms change,  like the Panda and Penguin updates, this will lower the overall authority on any  blog as well as the site that’s linked in the blogs content.

Investing a little bit more in this area will have a positive future effect on any site.

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