The old saying ‘content is king’ still applies and many SEO’s forget the importance of a web content strategy. No matter whether you’re a small business focusing on local seo traffic or a large business targeting high traffic searches, your content strategy needs to be a predominant part of your activity. Here’s why:

Content is the foundation of SEO

Content has always been one of the most important aspects of a quality website and the recent Google Panda Update in Australia emphasises the point as search engines work to deliver better quality results. Without high quality content that includes both text and images, your website will continually come under scrutiny from search engines and you will eventually lose the battle to competitors that provide a better experience for users. The same goes for having pages on specific topics, without those your competitors will outrank you with their targeted pages in most cases.

Increased search visibility and traffic WITHOUT extra link building

Many SEO’s think that link building is the one and only means of delivering traffic to a website, however they need to remember that it is just one part of the overall strategy that should be applied. While targeted anchor text helps to rank websites for specific phrases, link building also increases the overall authority of a website. Building targeted content pages will immediately identify your site as having content related to that phrase. As your website authority continues to grow, so will your rankings for related terms that you aren’t necessarily link building for. Let’s look at this example:

1. Website with 50 pages targeting 50 terms

Our theoretical website has 50 pages with all terms being focused on through SEO link building. Let’s say that each page drives 200 visits per month due to good search rankings. Total visits = 10,000.

2. Website with 250 pages targeting 50 terms

As per above, the 50 pages that are part of the link building strategy drive a total of 10,000 visits per month. If we build 200 more relevant pages on the website that drive only 10 visits each per month due to lower rankings, we add an extra 2,000 visits per month. That’s a 20% traffic increase with an addition of some extra, low traffic pages.

While it’s only a theoretical example, the above demonstrates what can in fact become reality. A targeted content strategy should be an integral part of your SEO plan. Conduct the correct keyword research and plan your new pages accordingly and you should see results almost immediately without the need for extra link building budget.

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