Google has introduced Multi-Channel Funnels to its Google Analytics platform in a bid to provide deeper insight into the interactions of customers that complete your goals. Currently in a limited pilot test, the multi-channel reports enable you to view the interactions that users take before completing a goal, which allows marketers to get a more comprehensive understanding of what is truly having an impact on conversions.

The Overview page gives you a nice little tool to show how many conversions are attributed to by touching multiple sources, defaulted to conversions with interactions in all of paid search, organic search and direct traffic. In order to make use of the new reporting tool to contribute to decision making however, you must dig deeper than the simple overview report.

Using the Assisted Conversions report, you can add a secondary dimension of Traffic Source which will enable you to see which of your traffic sources most effectively contribute to a conversion without being the final source attributed to the conversion. All of a sudden those traffic sources which weren’t performing become valuable!

Like any new tool, it’s important to dig around in the reports and see what you can discover. Find out more by watching the video below:

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