Google is all about intention. Users hop online with the intention of finding a particular product/service/location/piece of knowledge. Adwords is a great tool for finding and targeting your ideal customers, based on their intentions. However, what if you want to exclude particular words or terms that don’t directly relate to your service or items that you do not sell?

Enter the negative keyword, a feature within Adwords that allows you to exclude your ads from appearing for certain Ad Queries. For example, you may not want your ad to show for people looking for jobs, research terms, DIY terms and so on. Most of the time, this requires collection of data, which obviously costs money, as the ‘Search Query Report’ shows the potential clients’ Search Terms as a result of a click on an ad but this could have been a wasted click!

Here at Search Factory, we have a multitude of tools to work with that help build out Negative Keyword Lists for our clients’ accounts at a Campaign level and AdGroup level. Today I am going to share with you one of the quickest and free ways to build out a negative keyword list of more than 1,000 keywords.

First of all, we need to open up the website It may have a truly inappropriate name but it literally does what the website is called. It churns keywords out into a massive list by entering just 1 keyword into the box. We shall use Search Factory as an example and include one of the terms we may be bidding on or looking to utilise.

Enter the term into the blank box on the website ‘SEO Company‘ and press ‘start job’. You will then see the Sh#%&er doing its work and providing a huge list of keywords to work with. The end result can be seen below:

Keyword shitter

Once you are satisfied with the amount of keywords you have to play with, you can then press ‘stop job’ and copy all of the keywords into a spreadsheet.

Now comes the tricky part. We have to filter out all the keywords that are relevant to us, which is a manual process. Do this by running a search replace on ‘SEO Company’ with blank data, leaving behind only the additional words. Now start to filter out and delete any additional words that you deem relevant to the account. In this example, we would want to remove prices, quotes, services etc. as this signals an intent from a client to potentially sign up to Search Factory.

WARNING: Be careful through this process though, as you may be including a term that is highly relevant to your account and could potentially hinder your account’s overall success by blocking your Ad for a term you wish to show for. Once completed, you can then just copy and paste all of these keywords into Adwords Editor, under the negative keyword section for that particular Campaign or AdGroup. Be sure to set all of the new Negative Keywords as ‘phrase match’, otherwise it could potentially hinder searches you wish to appear for.

Now upload your changes and stop your Ads from showing for unwanted terms.

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