Continuing on from my last blog post, explaining and educating clients about SEO is a very difficult process. It should not only be covered during the initial stages and sales process, but education should be part of the ongoing service through strategy implementation. Client understanding in an integral part of the overall SEO success. So how do we provide our services to you as a client? Simple, through thorough communication, analysis and strategy development.

Communication is Essential

The first point of contact with a prospected client is all about building rapport and developing a brief. We need to be asking open ended questions to identify what the problem is that require solving, or what the opportunity is that requires action. Understanding a client’s business and their goals/objectives is also very important when developing a strategy. Why would you hire  a service provider if they don’t even understand your brand, product or service offerings? Therefore the brief should entail probing questions to thoroughly identify your target market, business objectives, higher performing and profitable products, USP, and major on and off line competitors (among other things). From there on we have the information required to conduct research, create a strategy and prepare a proposal to present to you as a prospected client.

Website Analysis

The next stage is a thorough website analysis. How SEO friendly is your website now?  How is the content structured? What previous SEO has been implemented in the past, both on and off-site? What kind of link building or content marketing has been conducted, if any? Have you been penalised or affected by any algorithmic updates to date? What are the trust flow and other SEO metrics which influences your website performance?


These are only some of the things that need to be explored throughout the analysis, then presented in a data and visual heavy proposal format. Too much text and technical information can be quite confusing and overwhelming for any client, let alone someone relatively uneducated on SEO. The explanation of the analysis should also be understandable to the level of client knowledge so it can be interpreted. Then you can see the value in what we are presenting. Competitors should also be analysed within in the industry, as well as a general SEO SWOT analysis.

Strategy Development

First and foremost, keyword research. What keywords are your customers searching that is actually relevant to the brand? How much search volume exists around these keywords? How difficult are these keywords to target and rank for? What competitors rank well for these terms? This is the backbone of the strategy and the final keyword list is crucial to success. The amount of keywords that can be targeted in SEO today is really quite limitless, so long as the website is structured correctly and pages available with content available to target those keywords. Based on the website analysis and research findings, that will all be integrated and developed into a comprehensive strategy within best SEO practices, with specific elements included throughout to tick business objectives while working towards achieving your long-term company goal.


Developing trust and building rapport is one thing, providing a tailored SEO strategy in line with our client’s business goals and understanding your business is another. This will allow you as a client to see value in our SEO services and have that peace of mind when engaging us for SEO and other online marketing initiatives.

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