Last month Mick blogged about the future of SEO and Link Building. In this article he touched upon the future of Link Building and SEO after Matt Cutt’s exposed the latest developments in the SEO webspam world. This post highlighted that we as content marketers can no longer simply rely on guest post blogging campaigns and gave a few examples of link building approaches to use moving forward. One of these examples was to engage influential bloggers to create and publish branded editorial content. Here is an example of how a simple, yet out of the box idea using this particular strategy can provide strong results.

There are many benefits of engaging influential bloggers and having them write the content themselves, the main being that these bloggers know their audience best and therefore know how to interact to them. When I started planning activities for this month, I began by looking for high authority bloggers and came across a food blogger by the name of Maureen from The Orgasmic Chef. Her food looked amazing, and her writing had a likeable voice. I thought about which client I could use her for when I joked with a co-worker about Penny Skateboards…

Why not make a Penny Skateboard Cake?

At first we laughed, but then a light bulb triggered simultaneously in our minds… Maybe it wasn’t such a crazy idea after all. So I contacted the blogger who was initially a little bit hesitant, but after a couple of days planning and a few hours in the kitchen, sent me through a link to her post. I couldn’t believe what she had done.


The post had huge potential written all over it; it allowed us to get a strong link and be shared through social media. This was evident when after just 24 hours, the post had received 70 comments and been retweeted by over 15 different food bloggers; one of which had over 126,000 followers. The article gained an impressive amount of traction and was even picked up by the brand themself. Penny Skateboards posted the following image, which now has over 19.2k likes on the Penny Skateboards Instagram.


They also shared this on the Penny Skateboard Facebook page where this has been shared 32 times (the best share being from Maureen’s father in-law who gloats about being the one who ate the cake) and liked by over 1100 people.

So what does all of this mean?

As much as we all wish SEO was as simple as baking a pretty cake, the real future of SEO is… wait for it… Creativity. Now – more than ever – is the time to start concocting original and unique ideas as an alternative method for building stronger links. It’s important to avoid getting set in your ways, remembering that doing things a little bit different is a great way to generate exposure and appeal to your target audience. We were able to reach many people through such a simple yet effective idea. The only downside of this post is that I didn’t get a piece.

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