OK I lied a little in the title, it’s not your overall SEO strategy, but it should be a part of it. In the old days of Twitter, links were nofollow and things were simple. As an SEO, there was less value associated with Twitter links just like any other nofollow links that you might receive. All this has changed as search engines increase integration with the Twitter Firehose. This is certainly not something new, but the impact on search results is being seen as has been confirmed by search engines.

Twitter links will be followed

By integrating with Firehose, the links that appear to be nofollow on the surface, actually become followed in the eyes of a search engine. All of a sudden tweets with your link are passing valuable link juice to your site and strategies to increase your incoming Twitter links should become a part of your plan.

User authority and volume of tweets matter

Your ‘Twitter for SEO’ strategy should focus on two aspects that will harvest links from Twitter to increase your rankings:

  1. User Authority plays a role in identifying the value of your links. Think of it as the PageRank for Twitter. Focus mainly on attracting tweets from users with a high number of followers, this will be the best indication of a user’s authority level and will be a key metric for search engines.
  2. Volume of tweets, much like any other form of link, will obviously impact the success of your link building activities. Focus on gaining retweets from users and begin to implement social sharing utilities to your website, blog or email marketing.

Overall if you can implement strategies for gaining tweets with links to your pages and combine this with a plan for receiving links from high authority Twitter users, you will start to see this as an efficient part of your SEO strategy.

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