Welcome to 2015! We hope you had a fantastic Xmas and hope that all of your resolutions are still going strong. One of our resolutions is that this year we only further help and update you with the latest news in the digital world. It’s going to be a big year for Search Factory, so we hope you come along for the ride! Here is all of the latest news in our industry from the last week.


There haven’t been many new developments in SEM land, so we’ve found some recent news to share with you!

Title: Should we be worried about which Paid Search Provider we use?

Summary: FireFox have since changed their default search engine to Yahoo. What does this mean for Paid Search Clicks and should we be worried about which Paid Search Provider we use in the future? Will this change have a significant impact?

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Title: Bing Ads to remove phone numbers from AdCopy

Summary: Bing shall be removing the ability to insert a phone number into the AdCopy and will now make advertisers use a location or call extension to allow advertisers the ability to display a phone number.

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Title: Yahoo Achieves Its Highest Search Share Since 2009

Summary: For 10 years, Google was the default search engine on Mozilla’s firefox browser, and as of late November, they announced a 5 year partnership with Yahoo for the US. This has impacted Yahoo’s search share in more than 5 years, jumping from 8.6% to 10.4%. This increase came from Google’s search share, reducing them from 77.3% down to 25.2%.

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Title: Google Link Removal Requests Climb To 345 Million In 2014

Summary: In 2014, copyright holders asked Google to remove more than 345,000,000 (allegedly) infringing links from its search engines. In the hope of steering prospective customers away from pirate sites, copyright holders are loading Google with DMCA takedown notices. The majority of these requests have been honoured; however, facing harsh criticism from copyright holders, Google has gradually changed its attitude with piracy by implementing (last October) its most significant algorithm change to date and visibly lowering the search rankings of the most notorious pirate sites.

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Title: Twitter Returns Language Translator to TweetDeck

Summary: Twitter has returned Bing Translator to TweetDeck, giving users the ability to read quick translations of tweets in foreign languages. The translator has proven to be very useful during breaking international news events and will be a very helpful tool for journalists, news organisations and the public alike.

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Title: ABC Launches 60-second Newscast on Facebook

Summary: ABC in the US launched what it claims is the “first ever daily newscast for social media”, offering Facebook users a quick way to catch up on the news of the day. Facecast: The One Thing runs for around 60 seconds. The new show will appear every weekday and plans to feature “a mix of the essential stories on everything from breaking news and the economy to sports and politics, featuring video, photographs and infographics”.

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That’s all for this weeks update! Make sure you check out our blog for more Digital news!

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