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Title: Bing Ads Launched Universal Event Tracking, Making Retargeting Possible

Summary: Bing Ads’ entry into remarketing will be in search remarketing initially. Starting next week, Bing Ads will start to offer bid boosting with a select set of partners. More updates on Bing’s remarketing are anticipated later this year.

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Title: Dimensional weight support in Google Merchant Centre lets you specify more accurate shipping rates

Summary: To help show accurate shipping rates for items, Google is introducing support for dimensional weight shipping rates in Google Merchant Centre. This update will allow advertisers to define the dimensions of packages used for shipping, taking into account the length, width, and the height of a package in addition to the weight they already provide. This will ensure users are provided with more accurate shipping costs.

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Title: Will Apple Have Its Own Search Engine?

Summary: Could Apple be preparing to enter the search area? Earlier this week Apple posted an ad entitled ‘Engineering Project Manager – Apple Search’ on its website. By doing this, Apple will stop using Google as a search engine, dramatically reducing Google’s market share and levelling the playing fields for other major search platforms.

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Title: Tweets to Appear in Google Searches

Summary: Tweets will soon appear in Google search results. Google as always crawled the firehose manually; however, in the next three month, tweets will automatically be visible as soon it’s tweeted. This is the latest efforts of Twitter to make sure its content is seen beyond its own website.

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Title: Twitter introduces group direct messages and native video sharing

Summary: Two exciting developments for Twitter have occurred over the last week! With the new option of group private message, users will be able to launch a conversation with multiple followers at once, even if some of those followers don’t follow each other. In regards to native video sharing, users now have the the ability to capture, share and edit videos up to 30-seconds in length by using the camera button directly in the app.

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Title: Cute Kittens Stunt Leaves A Social Media Stink

Summary: The driving service app Uber has partnered with animal shelters across Australia to deliver adorable felines door to door, #UberKittens, to Uber app holders. For a $40 donation, you’ll get 15 minutes play time with a kitten from one of the participating animal shelters. The kitten cuddles started in the US and were a roaring success, with Uber saying it was swamped with users asking for cats Down Under. However, some Twitter users questioned the driving around and distribution of baby cats and criticised it as causing stress to kittens.

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