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Search Factory SEO Brisbane

Search Factory SEO Brisbane

Search Factory is a leading Brisbane SEO company located in the heart of Fortitude Valley.  Our headquarters are home to a team of highly dedicated and specialised professionals that focus on all things SEO related.  We believe in a hands-on approach to SEO, and our team provides a quality of work that’s hard to beat. 

Why Is SEO Important?

Search Factory provides quality Search Engine Optimisation services to boost your Brisbane-based company’s visibility online. We are dedicated to improving your ranking in organic search results, allowing your company to be seen by a wider potential client base. By using a comprehensive and customised approach to SEO, we will analyse all online aspects of your business to create a solution that will continue to work for your company over the long term. It is this commitment to the highest quality results that sets Search Factory apart from other SEO companies in Brisbane. We don’t just look for a quick fix, we get you results that last.

  • 1 Our Results Speak for Themselves

    Search Factory has a proven track record of getting the best SEO outcomes for our clients. We have achieved great results for high profile national enterprise level clients, and our testimonials from some of Australia’s biggest companies speak for themselves. We also work closely with many local businesses using advanced SEO strategies to improve local rankings, and have achieved great results for both small and large companies across Brisbane.

  • 2 Customised SEO Solutions

    Our approach to SEO is that every client is different. This is why we don’t quote all-in-one packages for SEO, as we sincerely believe that these mass-produced approaches simply don’t work over the long term. Search Factory is committed to creating an individualised SEO strategy that is designed to get the very best results for your business, based on your goals, needs and expectations.

  • 3 Our Team

    The Search Factory team is comprised of local SEO experts and efficient in-house copywriters, unlike many other companies who rely on outsourcing. This specialised approach gives us a competitive edge in the industry, and ensures that you receive the highest quality SEO solutions in the business. When you’re looking for the best Brisbane SEO services for your company, choose Search Factory. Contact us today to find out how we can create a customised strategy to suit your individual SEO needs, and get your company ranked!

Our Location


If you're not located in Brisbane, don't worry! Search Factory work with international clients and travel to Sydney and Melbourne regularly to meet with interstate SEO and SEM clients.

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