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While every agency in Brisbane sings the same tune ‘We are different”, it’s important if you are shopping for a new SEO company to ask a few important questions so that you know what are the key things that make the difference in your SEO results. The first of which should be, which brands have you provided SEO Services to?

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Google has altered Consumer Behaviour – SEO is the Answer! 

The foundations of consumer buying behaviour are understood as the recognition of a need, the search for a solution, the evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post-purchase satisfaction.

Though the process may differ in lead generation, e-commerce, property or service delivery, the motivations for purchasing remain constant. However, advances in digital media and accessibility to information online, has altered the process of searching for solutions and weighing up the alternatives. Thus the way businesses present information to consumers must also change.

SEO help businesses in Brisbane and around the world to optimise website content to ensure greater visibility in organic search results and an increase in search traffic.

Here’s a few things you should know about how Google and search marketing have changed the Australian consumer’s behaviour:


Users don’t look past the First Page of Google (icrossing) 95%
Australian searches last month were on Google (Hitwise) 94%
Users’ time is spent without Scrolling (Neilsen) 80%
Australians had Internet in their Home at June 2013 (acma.gov.au) 63%
Internet Users access the Internet at Work (acma.gov.au) 50%
Consumers use their phones to research Products & Services (Google). 68%
Of those Consumers, 2/3 made a purchase on their Smart phone (Google). 67%
All Offline Purchases of Products & Services were influenced by what is seen Online (Jupiter Research) 62%

Those businesses who adapted to the influence search marketing has over consumers reaped their share in over $237 billion in Online Sales from 2011-2012! But with opportunity comes competition, and with over $3.34 billion spent on Online Advertising in 2012, and 2.67 million ‘.com.au’ websites registered at June 2013, you need to ensure you have high visibility to capture customers (and revenue) in this essential advertising medium.


2.67 million ‘.au’ Domains Registered at June 2013
$237 Billion in Revenue Earned by Businesses from Online Sales (2011-2012)
$3.34 Billion Spent on Online Advertising Expenditure in 2012

Considering the impact search marketing has had on both online and offline Consumer Behaviour, and the competitiveness of the medium, your brand’s visibility in search results is essential. Otherwise your competitors will continue to capture your potential clients!

Three Reasons Search Engine Optimisation is Essential for your Brand:

Australians are rapidly embracing digital technology, and its use for online searching, representing a shift in the traditional information search and evaluation of alternatives of the Consumer Buying Behaviour paradigm. With Google firmly dominating online searches in Australia, discoverability, and credibility, on Google has never been more critical!
Increases in online sales revenue in Australia, and the influence of online search on offline purchasing, represents opportunities for leveraging digital channels and visibility through SEO & Adwords campaigns to increase reach to new audiences, generate leads and increase online and offline revenue.
With Digital advertising expenditure on the rise, competition for keywords has never been higher. If you’ve got rankings you need to defend them, if you haven’t got rankings, you’ve got the opportunity to get them!

Five Ways Search Factory Can Help You Become Dominant in Search Marketing:

Insight into keyword search volumes, trend and competitor analysis to accurately gauge the required SEO campaign investment for quick-win gains and a sustainable growth in search engine visibility.
In-depth Onsite SEO & Offsite SEO Audit to resolve  onsite issues, recover from Manual Penalties and safeguard against Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird algorithm updates.
Topically relevant, high quality Content Marketing strategies to ensure a healthy, branded anchor text-rich, backlink profile to indicate to search engines your website is an authority in your target industry.
In-house, Content Writing services to ensure on-page content engaging, useful, unique, and supportive of targeted keyword strategy and SEO objectives.
Monthly face-to-face and over the phone meetings, customised SEO Reporting metrics, access to enterprise-level search marketing tools, and insight from our team of SEO experts. We provide you not only with results, but equip you with an understanding into how SEO works, how it’s changing and what you need to do to perform in your industry.

Search Factory Brisbane SEO Services

Search Factory provides quality Search Engine Optimisation Services to boost your Brisbane-based company’s visibility online.

We are dedicated to improving your ranking in organic search results, allowing your company to be seen by a wider potential client base. By using a comprehensive and customised approach to SEO, we will analyse all online aspects of your business to create a solution that will continue to work for your company over the long term.

It is this commitment to the highest quality results that sets Search Factory apart from other SEO companies in Brisbane; we don’t just look for a quick fix, we get results that last!

Search Factory has a proven track record of getting the best SEO outcomes for our clients. We have achieved great results for high profile, national enterprise-level clients. Testimonials from some of Australia’s biggest brands speak for themselves. We also work closely with many local businesses, using advanced SEO strategies to improve local rankings, achieving great results for both small and large companies across Brisbane.
Our approach to SEO is that every client is different. This is why we don’t quote all-in-one packages for SEO, as we sincerely believe that these mass-produced approaches simply don’t work over the long term. Search Factory is committed to creating an individualised SEO strategy that is designed to get the very best results for your business, based on your goals, needs and expectations.
The Search Factory team is comprised of local SEO experts, content marketing strategists and efficient in-house copywriters, unlike many other companies who rely on outsourcing. This specialised approach gives us a competitive edge in the industry, and ensures that you receive the highest quality SEO solutions in the business. When you’re looking for the best Brisbane SEO services for your company, choose Search Factory. Contact us today to find out how we can create a customised strategy to suit your individual SEO needs, and get your company ranked!

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If you’re not located in Brisbane, don’t worry! Search Factory work with international clients and travel to Sydney and Melbourne regularly to meet with interstate SEO and SEM clients.