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✓ We provide SEO services for the biggest brands in Brisbane and across Australia

✓ No lock-in contracts

✓ A team of over 30 full-time search marketers

✓ All Australian staff – no dodgy outsourcing

✓ Transparent communication

✓ We focus on lasting results and ROI

✓ Proven track record for delivering record-breaking results!

We’ve Worked with Some of Australia’s Biggest Brands


Results Achieved by Search Factory

flight-centre-search-factory Increased traffic by 23% whilst also increasing the number of conversions from organic search traffic by 32% and achieving #1 organic ranking for the term ‘Cheap Flights’



99-bikes-search-factoryIncreased organic traffic by 148% in 12 months whilst also increasing online transactions by 249% and increasing online revenue by 785%




coral-homes-search-factory Increased traffic by 150% year on year whilst increasing the number of transactions from organic traffic by 245%




Our SEO Proposal Process

Search Factory is a Brisbane SEO company that understands your business is unique. This is why we undertake a rigorous and methodical approach in order to fully understand your business goals and objectives. We then create a custom proposal that is tied to specific ROI targets to ensure that our SEO services achieve your desired outcomes. This is our process:

The Brisbane team at Search Factory will crawl over your website, identifying any onsite SEO issues that may exist, including onsite content, site architecture, redirects, technical issues and more.
Search Factory will assess your current backlink profile, looking for any warning signals that might be present, such as over-optimised anchor text, low-quality links, link spam, negative SEO attacks and more. This will allow us to identify any manual penalties and safeguard against future Penguin algorithm updates.
Keyword research is a critical component of any SEO campaign. Your SEO consultant at Search Factory will utilise a number of data sources, such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Adwords, Keyword Planner and SEMRush tools to identify the highest converting and most relevant keywords to target for SEO website optimisation.
No strategy is complete without a thorough competitor analysis. We’ll take the time to identify the weaknesses of your competitors’ SEO strategies and use this data against them. Once we understand the competition, we can understand how to beat them.
If you’ve noticed a sudden decrease in organic traffic, there’s a chance you’ve been hit by a Google algorithm penalty. We’ll run the necessary checks to see if Google Panda, Hummingbird or Penguin have had any effect on your website.
Most business are seasonal with peaks and troughs in demand. This information is important to your overall SEO strategy as it allows us to identify what periods of the year you make the most revenue and adjust the strategy accordingly.
Using all the data gathered during the points above, Search Factory will create a custom strategy tailored specifically to your website and business! We understand every website is different and some industries are more competitive than others. Therefore, a different approach must be taken and it’s not as simple as choosing an SEO package. Our team will seek opportunities that will differentiate you from your competition and ensure you blow them out of the water.
Underpinning the custom SEO strategy will be a set of detailed SEO KPIs relevant to your business goals and objectives.

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What You Get as a Client of Search Factory

At Search Factory, our talented team is our greatest asset. With their help, we will provide you with:

At Search Factory, we’ve removed the pesky account manager layer, meaning you talk directly to the person actually working on your account. This allows better communication and, ultimately, better campaign outcomes.
Before kicking off your SEO campaign, Search Factory will provide you with a detailed roadmap explaining the SEO services we will customise for you step by step. This way, everyone is on the same page from the get go.
The size of your success is measured by the scope of the data your SEO company has access to. If you don’t already have it set up, Search Factory will coordinate the setup of Google Analytics and implement conversion tracking. This way, we can see what’s leading to better ROI.
Webmaster Tools allows the team at Search Factory to understand how Google is viewing your website and allows us to determine what factors may be impacting your SEO performance.
Search Factory will create a detailed onsite SEO recommendations document outlining specific changes needed to achieve desired rankings for your keywords, traffic and conversion targets.
Once the initial onsite SEO website changes have been implemented, your SEO consultant will continue to monitor all onsite issues and make adjustments to your strategy accordingly.
Our in-house Content Development team writes high-quality, engaging and unique content that will not only help you stand out in SERPs for those targeted terms, but will also help sell your product.
Our Content Marketing services expand across digital PR, online reputation management (ORM) and link building. We build links the right way so you get results, not penalties.
Monthly face-to-face and over-the-phone meetings, customised SEO reporting metrics, access to enterprise-level search engine management & research tools and insight from our team of Brisbane SEO experts. We not only provide you with results, but we equip you with an understanding of how SEO works, how it is changing and what you must do to perform in your industry.

Our Brisbane Office Location:

If you’re not located in Brisbane, don’t worry! Search Factory work with international clients and travel to Sydney and Melbourne regularly to meet with interstate SEO and SEM clients.

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