Quality content. Everybody is talking about it. What it is, why you need it, where you can get it, how much it costs… there are thousands of theories out there. Many businesses make it sound easy and cheap, and it’s tempting to believe this. Search Factory are not ‘no frills’ content merchants – we don’t template, undercut or push your business into a box.

You don’t have time to develop new category pages, update an old Home page, refresh an About Us section or start a blog. We know. Market leaders, small businesses and startups have one thing in common – they’re all busy.



Our Content Development Solution

Our team of versatile writers and strategists are waiting to sit down with you and identify what content can do for your business. Can’t wait for the meet and greet? Here’s a sneak peak. Quality, targeted content can:

Audiences have changed. They’re in charge. The monologue is over. A Search Factory content development strategy empowers business owners to take the conversation to the people and build a lasting relationship with every user landing on your website and/or blog. In an age of buyer flirtation, there’s no time to play coy.

content-development-authority2Create Authority
Everybody wants to be the best in their market. Premium content and blog development creates a dialogue between you and the customer, reassuring them you have what they need, you can give them what they want and they no longer have to worry – the solution is here. Are you ready to be their hero?

content-development-boost3Boost Rankings
You may have heard the online maxim ‘Content is King’. It’s wrong. Content is more than king; content is the oxygen that keeps Google and other search engines ticking over. Creating relevant, interesting content for your customers ensures crawlers take notice; websites are ranked based on customer experience. What does your website say about you?

What We Can Write for Your Business

  • Website Content
  • Blog Content
  • Press Releases


3 Reasons You Need Our Content Team

We Listen: Search Factory are a results-driven agency. We don’t believe in double speak, empty promises or excuses. Our highly trained team of writers will listen, draft and deliver clean, readable copy according to your specifications.

We Learn: Clear, positive results are closely tied with targeted content – our branding sessions, questionnaires and complete accessibility will nail down the fine details, from creating audience personas with you to researching the results and activities of your competitors.

We Care: We believe in fostering local talent. Most agencies send their content strategy and production off-shore to save an extra slice of cash and use client charges to cover the overhead. Search Factory regularly recruits the best writing stars Australia has to offer without passing the cost down to you. Quality is priceless. Why should you pay more for an inferior product?

Contact Search Factory today for a custom quote and start making the most of your online presence!