Our Content Writing Process

Individuals – namely, your target audience – have more control over what they consume and how they consume it. They don’t respond to a bombardment of average, cliché-ridden content, and are quite capable of dismissing what doesn’t immediately connect with them just by clicking a button.

Due to this switch in power, your business needs to be more creative. You need to have engaging and informative content for your audience. The question is: How do you stand out in a content-saturated market?

This is where Search Factory can help.

We know that writing isn’t as simple as putting words to a page; it’s a craft, requiring skill that has been carefully honed over years of experience. We also know that marketing gurus and small business owners are busy. You’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about piecing together a webpage that has all the right words in all the right places, not to mention wisely optimising it to improve traffic, rankings, conversions and your authority within your industry.

Our expert team of writers can create that eye-catching content you’ve been craving and keep in line with your business strategy and goals at the same time. However, this isn’t a one-way street where we just spin generic, cookie cutter content. We believe content creation is a partnership – like a modern day Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Just take a look at our writing process and see for yourself.


This is where it all begins. Search Factory Content Strategists are ready to jump straight in and get to know everything about your business. From the fine details of audience interaction and brand projection, to your business’ current perception and everything in between, this is a chance for us to break the ice and get to know each other.

Research, Research, Research

Aspiring writers are educated to write what they know, and with this advice, it’s crucial that our writers and strategists know your business before they put pen to paper – or in this case, keyboard to Word document. We need to understand your competitors, your jargon, your audience, and your position in the market. Our Strategists will scour the web, look through company material and dig up any information that will be useful for your strategy. A substantial part of our research comes from Analytics; we use it now for SEO and SEM purposes, so why not for content? We’ll use Analytics to look at your existing content and determine what’s working and what’s not.

The Strategy Phase

Once we’ve compiled the research, Search Factory writers and strategists will piece together your content strategy. The focus? We will determine what sets you apart from your competition and how you can use your unique position to capitalise on it. During this stage, we will establish the tone that will best engage your customers; is it educational and informative, or is it light and entertaining? Or is it something in between? While tone is important, your brand’s voice and the best angle needs to come into the equation; what do you want to say to your audience? What is the best voice to convey this message, add credibility to your brand, and convert website traffic into new and loyal customers?

Creating the Masterpiece

Research? Tick. Strategy? Tick. What’s next? Time to write your content! Search Factory writers pride themselves on creating 100% unique content. We don’t believe in copying and pasting, and you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll never see a duplicated piece of content pass through our halls. We don’t just focus on original content though, our goal is to make each page engaging and strategically optimised to help you rank for relevant searches. With this goal in mind, we will ensure our content projects your message in a way that customers will be inspired to click through and take action.

The Editing Stage

All content will obviously go through the eyes of our Editors before coming back to you. You didn’t think we’d publish it without your input, did you? We take your feedback seriously. Once our writers have completed a few samples, we’ll send them to you for review. After you have noted your changes, we will make the amendments and triple check the content before submitting the finalised version.

Tracking Your Content

The content writing process doesn’t just end there. This is an ongoing process that is highly beneficial for your business. We will use Analytics to assess what content is resonating with your audience, how long they are staying on a page, and what their next movements are. What are the click rates on the page? Are they converting? What style/tone of content is engaging them for the longest time? This will help you create further strategies down the track for new content, marketing activities, and any new products you wish to launch.

Remember, it all starts with content. Contact Search Factory for a complimentary consultation with our experienced strategists today.