Are you interested in inspiring customers and prospects to engage with your brand? Looking to become a ‘go-to’ information resource in your industry? Do you want to create content that persuades your target market to take action? And, finally, do you have a desire to increase your search rankings? Luckily for you, Search Factory has the answer.


Content Marketing

With so much to show for its success, businesses are catching on to the fact that content marketing is an integral part of business strategy. These days, many companies practise a form of content marketing, perhaps without even realising it!

You might already have an active blog on your website, be regularly posting on your social media accounts, or be putting out feelers with the hopes of being mentioned on other websites. But the question is: have you been doing it right?

Traditionally, content marketing falls under the umbrella of link building. While link building is still an integral part of the overall strategy, content marketing is becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Link building, social media strategies, onsite blogging and offsite content distribution are converging to create the ever-powerful content marketing.

So Why Do You Need It?

There are a multitude of benefits to an effective content marketing strategy. Here are just a few that we here at Search Factory believe are the most important.

Create an Emotional Connection with Your Target Audience

contentThere is a popular analogy that compares content marketing to friendships. People love interesting and entertaining friendships just like they enjoy interesting and entertaining content. And like a good friendship, good content marketing has the ability to establish an emotional connection with an audience and inspire certain behaviours. In essence, if a business delivers consistent and valuable content, their target market is much more likely to reward the brand with their loyalty and business – just like you would reward a loyal friend. 

Overthrow Your Competitors on the SEO Front

Search engines (particularly Google) are becoming smarter; fooling them with cheap tactics and low-quality content will likely result in penalties. Search engines understand the importance of delivering relevant and interesting content to users just as much as we do. Therefore, the more engaging your content is, the more likely Google will favour your site and the more traffic you will gain.

Furthermore, having expert content on your site helps drive your long-tail search volume. Long-tail keywords are not as competitive as short-tail keywords, so your website will stand a better chance of achieving a high ranking. This will help direct highly specialised traffic towards your site. 

Build Brand Awareness and Conversions

The more your content is shared around the web, the more likely people will come to your website for quality content. Consequently, the more exposure you earn, the more brand awareness you’ll receive. After improving your brand awareness, your audience will widen and you will attract more leads and conversions.

Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Industry

content-suitcaseEngaging in content marketing is a way of demonstrating your industry expertise and authority. By building an authoritative community with your target audience, your website and/or social media channels will become a place people visit for advice, knowledge and inspiration.

Break Through the Informational Clutter and Stand Out


Nowadays, consumers are faced with more messages than ever before. In this noisy digital environment, mediocre content does nothing other than add to the noise. In order to break through the informational clutter, marketers need to focus on creating impactful content for their target audience. We hate to sound glum, but if you don’t have a unique and interesting content marketing strategy, your message simply won’t resonate. 


Why Search Factory?

So now that you understand the importance of content marketing, only one question remains: Why should you choose us to implement your content marketing plan? 

Despite being an organic form of marketing, successful content marketing needs to be carried out with a succinct plan and strategy. That’s where we come in.  Here at Search Factory, we understand that content marketing is about strategically creating and distributing content about your business in an exciting way in order to stimulate the interest of your audience.

Similar to our SEO Brisbane strategies, to achieve quality content, we don’t use robots, no matter how big or small your business needs are. We use our eyes, our brains, and our ideas. Our enthusiastic team, utilising a strategic process, allows us to achieve the results our clients want. We believe the common sense approach to content marketing is the best approach. Before posting a blog article, you need to think: will a real person respond well to this? Would they enjoy reading it? Is it really going to add value or is it just going to add to the background noise?

How Do We Do It?

Devising the right content marketing plan for your brand requires a lot of groundwork, research, consultation and perseverance! This is how we help you build your content marketing ecosystem:

1. Through consultation, meeting and briefing, we get to know your target markets, your brand and your story. We identity your ideal audience and your niche.

2. We identify where your audience will be on the web. We ask ourselves: What type of content do they consume? Where do they usually consume it? What devices do they use, and what time will they be most active online? What triggers them to share content?


With those in mind, we build a tailor-made content marketing strategy to reach your audience in its best form, at the best time.

4. We identify a list of online influencers who could be the voice of your brand. We make the first contact on your behalf and explore collaboration ideas. That’s when our creativity really comes into play!

5. We work your target list of influencers to create meaningful stories in multimedia form, leveraging their personal tone, style and rapport with their audience.

6. Through their social channels and influence, your content pieces reach an extended circle of audience organically.

7. We maintain and nurture relationships with influencers to turn them into long-lasting relationships and ambassadors for your brand.

8. Ultimately, we aim to convert their audience into your customers.

9. We utilise direct means of content marketing via your owned channels (e.g. eDM and social media) to regularly reach out to your newly acquired customers with the goal of converting them into your repeat customers.

10. Through publishing meaningful and sharable content on your owned channels, and engaging your repeat customers, we help you turn them into your brand ambassadors too.


Our Work – Highlights

Still not convinced that Content Marketing is what you need? We’ll let some of our previous work do the talk!

  • Social competition: Z-Flex giveaway in collaboration with




  • Editorial with interactive images embedded: for Cruiseabout.




  • Editorial with recipe development: for Penny Skateboards.



  • Travel quiz creation and distribution for Travel Associates.



  • Editorial with YouTube video creation: for My Adventure Store.





  • Polyvore mood board creation and distribution to online influencers for Universal Store.



  • Editorial/brand profile: for Just Digital People.



Like it or not, content marketing is becoming an integral part of business marketing plans, with more and more businesses adapting this non-interruptive marketing technique into their strategies.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder so many companies are jumping on board the content marketing bandwagon. Not only does content marketing improve SEO rankings and help a company position itself as an industry expert, it also has a way of inspiring and building meaningful relationships between companies and their target markets, heightening the overall brand experience.

Don’t be left behind; it’s time to jump on board. Contact us today to see how Search Factory can transform your content marketing strategy.