What is Digital Public Relations?

Digital Public Relations. Online News Marketing. Internet Public Relations. Digital online integrated public relationship communications. Shall we bamboozle you with more esoteric variations? There are more definitions, opinions and debates about what public relations on the web ACTUALLY is than you can poke a metaphorical stick at. Regardless of any preface, including online and offline, the premise of public relations remains.

Put simply, it is managing the relationship, the story, the conversation between your brand and the people that matter.

What IS different is the approach. We call it digital public relations because online is our specialty; we are on the pulse of the digital landscape and, frankly, it is the online sphere that holds the most opportunity and possible results for your brand. At Search Factory, we utilise the digital tools that are most relevant to your brand and harness their potential to cultivate meaningful messages and nurture relationships with the people that matter. Sound good? We think so too.


What Does It Include?

Arguably, Digital Public Relations is a multifaceted beast. Imagine a fire-breathing serpent creature with multiple heads (see: Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra for the Greek mythology fans) all joined to one powerful, scaly body. Each head can operate independently and boasts a different strength, but ultimately works to fulfil a unified purpose. We focus on the PR facets most relevant to your needs and build you a personalised beast of a digital PR strategy. The types of digital PR include:

Owned Media

owned-contentThis is your branded content, the messages you own and control. Essentially, your owned media is your piece of real estate on the World Wide Web – your shiny website, engaging social profiles, informative blogs, cinematographically shot videos, other rich branded media and any advertorial content. Maximising your owned media is fundamental to Digital PR success.


Digital Media Landscape

Putting your content and breaking news into the hands of the media – this approach is a familiar one, having evolved from traditional public relations practices. In the digital space, we’ve traded the telephone for tweets and know how to construct a catchy headline in less than 140 characters. Knowing who’s who in the zoo of digital publishing is essential for targeting the distribution of your messages. Blindly shooting content here, there and everywhere is a sure-fire way to get lost in the infamous black hole of the internet.

Industry Influencers

needs-more-coffeeFrom a trade publication to a blogger with a cult following, building relationships with the people your audience listens to is pivotal to getting eyes and ears on your great content. It’s also vital to tune in to the conversations that are happening around your brand and industry.

Social Communities

Tapping into existing social communities is the first step to cultivating your own band of loyal and engaged followers. To talk to the people that matter you need to know where they are. We’ll help you meet them on their turf and get the conversation flowing.

How Do We Do It?

We pick the target. PR activities aren’t limited to your brand or personal reputation. We can tailor a strategy for your ground-breaking product launch, must-attend event, new service offering or latest newsworthy announcement.

We discover your story. Forget the spin and ditch the fairy tales; savvy consumers see straight through the smoke. Fortunately, everyone has a story and we ask the right questions to articulate the narrative people need to hear.

We select the tools. If you need an online newsroom, we will make it happen. If we need to track brand mentions, we will fire up analytics, mention.net and a host of our other trusty favourites. Whatever the strategy requires, we will use the most reliable tools to implement, monitor and track the campaign progress.

We analyse the outcome. In the PR world, measuring ROI isn’t as simple as spitting out a number from a formula. From our meticulous monitoring, we will measure the impact of the activities and score the success in a way that is meaningful to you and can inform future decisions.

emailWhat Now?

What about social media strategy, content marketing and online reputation management? Wondering where all the crazy cousins of digital PR fit in the online family tree? The best strategy is an integrated one, so contact Search Factory today for a free consultation to see which combination of services is right for you.