Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and, of course, the global giant that is Facebook… despite the presence of naysayers and traditionalists, social media has become an undeniable force to be reckoned. Not only is social media a vital tool for social and relationship aspects of your business, but it is now proving to be an imperative addition to your overall digital marketing strategy and online presence.
As with any form of marketing, business has followed their audience into social media and what they’ve found is a wealth of valuable data and useful information. Not only this, but we are now able to develop a unique level of interaction with consumers that can’t be found anywhere else. The ability to utilise and target demographics, behaviour, interests, groups and a huge range of other personalised data is one of the most powerful tools online. It can help you reach, engage and grow an invaluable ongoing relationship with your current and future client base.
Here you will find a list of important aspects of social media marketing that you may not have considered in the development of your online marketing strategy.


Relationship Marketing

engage-your-audienceThe level and value of the interaction available to businesses with their customer base via social networking and marketing is second to none. We have moved very far indeed from the old “focus groups, advertise, hope” form of marketing, into an age where you have focus data on hand in real time, and can engage in an ongoing conversation with your demographic in a very targeted and personable way. It has proven to be an extremely effective way to gauge and encourage customer satisfaction, gain an insight into your audience and take action accordingly. This humanises your business and builds trust with customers.

Engaging Your Clients

A key element of social engagement stems from quality content. It’s imperative to forming strong social relationships that your content is carefully considered before posting. Think about who your market is and what your market want out of their online content.
The next move is to take a step back and consider the best time of day for different types of engagement. In general, there are three main times of day that are important for social media.

  • The first begins in the morning, in rush hour when people are in transit to work. This time of day, people want light reading material, brief social encounters, and aren’t going to commit to lengthy commenting, answering questions or in-depth articles.
  • The lunch rush is a good time to post the hilarious memes you’ve found, staff culture posts, and uplifting and inspiring quotes if that is your thing. This is the time your customer is taking a break from work and could use a positive pick-me-up and nothing too promotional.
  • Next we have the end of the day when people are transitioning from work to home. They are settling in for the night and are ready for online engagement. This is the time of the day when you can post your informative content, articles, engaging statuses, etc.

Be careful not to throw any old post out at any old time. To broaden your reach, start considering your timing and content strategy a little more.

The Algorithmic Approach to Social Media

Algo-approachJust as with Search Engines, social media platforms have algorithms that decide what users will see in their news feed. Understanding these algorithms can be a very helpful tool. While not all details of how these feeds work are shared by the platforms themselves, there is a fair amount of information and testing which can be done via data analysis of your social media statistics on activity and engagement.

How Does Search Factory Come into Social Media Marketing?

Here at Search Factory, we have a team of dedicated content professionals who understand the value of quality content and strategy, making us one of the best positioned agencies in the marketplace to offer social media services.
Our team will help you develop an effective and impactful social media strategy. Take advantage of our extensive, ever-evolving experience in content and our understanding of content distribution. It will really help you put your best foot forward in the digital space. We also have a few exclusive avenues and social media channels for content output that we love to let our clients in on.