etrainu is one of Australia’s leading websites in online training for both accredited and non-accredited courses to individuals and businesses. As an award-winning, registered training organisation, etrainu needed a similar website to match its performance and growth. Unfortunately, the client’s website at the time was unsuitable for this, as the architecture of the website was branched out with subdomains and un-optimised pages, as well as not being as user friendly as it potentially could have been. This is when they came to us, understanding that getting your website ranking sometimes means starting from scratch and doing the hard yards.


  • Optimise website.
  • Increase organic traffic.


Working with etrainu, we audited the old and new website, making changes and tweaks the entire time the new site was being built. The main changes were implementing 301 redirects of their old subdomains and irrelevant pages to ensure page authority was passed towards the new site, and completing all onsite and offsite SEO work. While the new website was under construction, our Content Marketer was working in the background, ensuring proper backlinking strategies were undertaken and keeping etrainu’s backlink profile healthy. This ensured that when the new site went live, it would have a strong backlink profile to support it behind the scenes.


etrainu launched the new website on the 26th of May. The second day of their website being live, visits increased by 666.46%, bringing traffic levels back to what they use to be.

Month-on-month traffic comparison



Traffic increase since the start of June