How We Shattered Go Health Club’s CPC

The Challenge

Go Health Clubs engaged Search Factory to improve the performance of their AdWords account and grow their enquiry numbers. The client’s main objectives were to increase their overall enquiries generated from AdWords, and improve cost efficiencies through paid activities (including a reduction in campaign CPA).

The Solution

After considering their targets, we calculated the following steps to move the account forward:

  1. Conduct an analysis of the results through Go Health Club’s previous service provider.
  2. Conduct keyword research and formulate an account structure and ad testing plan.
  3. Build all the required search campaigns.
  4. Buy AdWords promotions in line with their monthly marketing activity.
  5. Conduct advanced bid and budget optimisation across their campaigns and keywords, including parting bid adjustments, device bidding adjustments, and geo-specific bid adjustments.

Our results

cost per conversion

The results achieved from our paid media strategy met both ours and the client’s targets specifically. The cost per conversion ratio for Go Health Club was reduced by 65.5%. Conversions were optimised across keywords, devices, and geographic locations – contributing to a 157.6% increase in their conversions.

increase in conversions

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