Scope of Engagement

Advance Traders engaged Search Factory to improve Search Engine Optimisation on the Merida Australia website. The goals for the activity, as set during initial consultations between Search Factory and Advance Traders, were as follows:

1. Improve search engine visibility.

2. Improve organic traffic from search engines.

3. Target keyword phrases that were important to the business.


After determining the goals of the activity, Search Factory undertook the following tasks in order to improve onsite optimisation and targeting:

1. Keyword research

2. SEO audit of the Merida Australia website

3. Implementation of SEO recommendations to existing pages

4. Development of new content for improved targeting

5. Ongoing monthly recommendations to further enhance onsite optimisation.

Following the implementation of initial onsite recommendations, a link building campaign was conducted in order to improve search engine rankings and visibility. High-quality, targeted, contextual links were built on a monthly basis by the Search Factory team linking back to the Merida Australia website. Through research and communication with website administrators and contributors, a range of keyword phrases were targeted with the link building campaign in order to improve Merida Australia’s authority for these terms.


Through the optimisation of onsite elements, introduction of new content and the ongoing link building campaign, the Merida Australia website has achieved great results that continue to improve on a monthly basis.

Organic search traffic increased 29.7% over a 3-month period, with non-branded organic search traffic increasing 88.23% (terms that don’t contain the Merida brand name).

Over the same period, the site gained rankings for 26 new keyword phrases inside the top 50, all of which were identified as key phrases for the business. Month-to-month ranking increases for specific keyword phrases improved greatly, with one key phrase improving its rank by 26 positions in one month.

The site has also gained improved rankings for its own product names, where it was previously being outranked by distributors and other websites.

The Merida Australia website continues to gain improvements on a monthly basis with an ongoing link building campaign and continual improvement of onsite optimisation through regular recommendations and identification of opportunities by the Search Factory team.