National Storage’s Roaring Richmond Quiz

The Challenge

National Storage’s investment in sponsoring the Richmond Tigers poses certain risks. If the team is enveloped in off-field scandals, or even if they fail to make the finals, their overall brand exposure might be either minimal or harmful. But thankfully, 2017 was the year the Tigers rose to finals glory, putting their 37 year hiatus to rest.

When opportunities for positive exposure arise, it takes the right content through the right channels to fully benefit. National Storage were interested in having Search Factory develop a content strategy to capitalise on the Tiger’s success. The key aims in place were to:

  • Direct traffic to the National Storage website
  • Achieve the highest possible conversion rate of participants reading/completing the piece of content
  • Have as many participants as possible complete the form to collect details.


The Solution

Our in-house team of content strategists arranged an interactive quiz for the National Storage Locker Room website, to commemorate the recent finals history of the Richmond Tigers.

National Storage arranged for a prize to be won for a lucky participant:

  • A meet-and-greet with the players
  • A tour of the club
  • And the chance to kick a ball on the oval.

The piece was created to give fans the opportunity to test their knowledge, and win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly engage with the Richmond Tigers.


Our Results

Tiger Quiz Statistics

With the help of a modest amplification budget, the National Storage Locker Room quiz brought premiership-levels of traffic to their website. They achieved a total of 12,500 quiz views, converting in 10,300 cases into quiz completions. Of those, 4,100 completed quizzes resulted in competition entries, at a staggering 40% conversion rate.

The success of the quiz campaign has cemented this activity as a regular strategy between Search Factory and National Storage moving forward.

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