How We Delivered 285 App Installs

The client

Penda is an Australian app designed to provide financial, legal and safety information and advice for women involved in domestic and family violence (DFV) situations. It is not aimed at replacing DFV support services such as counsellors, police or lawyers, but to provide app users with essential information and help them connect to these services. Penda has been made for women in intimate relationships, though those not in DFV relationships may still find the information helpful.

The challenge

When working with Penda, we encountered 2 key challenges:

  • An imminent deadline (2 months to produce results)
  • A broad target (increase app installs, but no specific number of installs to aim for).


The solution

Our first step was to identify our main goal for this campaign: getting as many installs of their mobile app as possible.

Achieving this goal meant we would need to carefully track CPA and drive this as low as possible. So we decided to trial AdWords and Facebook simultaneously for the first few weeks, and then compare the results.

Interesting discovery: We found that Facebook performed better than AdWords in this instance. So we switched off AdWords and focused on Facebook for the remainder of the campaign.

Penda Screenshot

We also tried various approaches to audience targeting to find the best fit, including:

  • A generic female/income/demographic audience
  • A domestic violence behaviour/interest approach.

By split-testing across operating systems as well, we were able to quickly identify the best channel/targeting combinations. For example, we found that a generic audience on iTunes and a DV-specific audience on Google Play performed extremely well in month 1, so we put more budget towards these streams in month 2.


Our results

During the campaign period, we decreased Penda’s CPA by 78% and achieved 285 app installs with a small media spend.