Bringing Penny Skateboards to Life in Words



Penny Skateboards


With dedicated customers in over 64 countries, Penny Skateboards is a global phenomenon, providing skaters with high-quality, funky skateboards. Founded in Australia by Ben Mackay, the company aims to bring the fun back to skateboarding. This is reflected in their aesthetically pleasing website and their fresh and young approach to content.


To create two SEO-friendly blog articles each for the global ( and US sites (

The Challenge

For any content writing project, the main challenge a writer faces is taking a vision that is stored within someone else’s mind and bringing it to life in words. In a perfect world, writers would be talented mind readers. Alas, despite what you might hear, we are not. To achieve client satisfaction, you need the following ingredients: brilliant writing skills, two-way communication, flexibility and a healthy dose of perfectionism. When you combine these, you will end up with a shiny, new, finalised writing project that will strongly align with your client’s brand and make a strong connection with their target audience.

The Solution

Client Briefing

As we’re unfortunately not mind readers, the first thing to do is get in touch with the client and go over the specifics of a project. To this end, a phone call was arranged, during which the following was discussed:

  • Content ideas for each blog
  • Tone
  • Target audience
  • Information to be provided by client.

Following the call, Penny Skateboards sent through an email containing detailed background information such as press releases, images, product landing pages and links to videos.

Research and Writing

Apart from spending time browsing through the websites, the research stage involved looking through all the information provided by the client. This was very helpful in getting a feel for the Penny Skateboards voice and also getting into the mindset of the target audience (teenagers).

As some of the blogs were quite informative (e.g. how to use the Penny Skateboard Customiser), the research stage was vital. Quotes were also used directly from the press releases and videos.

Armed with this information, a first round draft of four 500-word blogs was crafted. These blogs included keywords that were transformed into hyperlinks, directing readers to other areas of the sites.

Client Feedback

Feedback was then received on the blogs. This involved removing certain sentences or words that weren’t in line with the Penny Skateboard image (i.e. using the product for performance skateboarding) and including more technical terms and modified product names.

The Outcome

After the updates were made, the finalised content was then sent to the client. Shortly afterwards, the blogs were published:

Lesson Learnt

Professional writing is a craft, pure and simple. It requires a certain skillset, including the ability to write creatively and technically, the ability to work to deadlines, and the ability to collaborate with a client. This case study highlights this last skill perfectly, as well as reiterating just how important client participation is. Not only did Penny Skateboards provide plenty of source material and ongoing assistance, but they had a clear vision from the outset, thereby reducing time and stress on both sides!