Search Factory is a leader in the Australian search marketing industry, so our in-house content marketing efforts need to reflect our ability to not only talk the talk, but also to walk the walk.

With the old days of buying bulk backlinks in order to rank your website well and truly gone, the focus has now shifted to acquiring natural backlinks by producing high quality content that other sites want to share with their audiences. When this content is shared, these sites will attribute the content to your website via a link and that’s exactly what the search engines want to see: natural links (endorsements) from legitimate websites pointing to your website.


Using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool, we researched the average worldwide monthly search volume for a range of crazy things that people search for online and presented the findings in an infographic. Using exact match targeting, we were able to identify some crazy search queries that had significant search volume. In order to catch the attention of those outside the SEO industry, we chose to focus on shocking, funny, cute and downright disturbing themes with great success. Each major news outlet seemed to focus on a different search volume statistic, highlighting the value of making your content universally appealing whilst still keeping it relevant to the service you’re offering.

Objectives and Results

  1. Attract high-quality inbound links to our website via content virality

Over 70 extremely high-quality links earned including:

  1. Generate strong social signals

The infographic has been shared over 41,000 times across the various social networks.


3. Increase website traffic

Website traffic increased by 700% compared to the previous month. The weight of this briefly crashed our site!