PPC Brisbane Management Services

Search Factory has a solid track record of executing high-quality strategic campaigns designed to maximise results for our clients. Our PPC Brisbane management services encompass a range of platforms including search, social, display, retargeting and video, so you can target your audience no matter where they spend their time online.

Based on a model where you only pay for the clicks you get, PPC advertising is about more than simply being visible – it’s all about targeting the right products and services to the right people.

This means PPC campaigns are:

  • Measurable
  • Reportable
  • Great when you need immediate results or exposure
  • Able to be tweaked based on data for fast optimisation

These campaigns aren’t a ‘set and forget’ kind of thing – this is where experienced account managers and well-tested PPC management services make all the difference.

Our PPC Brisbane team has overseen hundreds of successful campaigns, spanning across Google AdWords management, Bing, social media management (think Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) and display.

Not only that – we work at scale, which means we can handle even the biggest and most intricate campaigns with ease. We currently manage millions of keywords and bids on a daily basis for some of the biggest brands in Australia. Our PPC consultants can translate accurate insights into consumer behaviour, interests, desires, learning patterns and communication challenges.

Can the Real PPC Management Experts Please Stand Up?

There are PPC managers and then there are PPC managers. While most happily engage with clients and meet their expectations, our team of PPC Brisbane experts push boundaries and continually find ways to outperform. Search Factory have searched high and wide to find PPC talent with proven skills. Just like our SEO Brisbane professionals, only the best are selected from 100s of applications, tested and challenged until we are certain they can thrive in a high-pressure, results-driven environment.

Why Choose Us For PPC Brisbane Management?

Well, you could just take our word for it that we are top of the class when it comes to paid digital advertising in Brisbane, but you probably want more than that. So what sets Search Factory and our PPC Brisbane management services apart from the rest?

We offer custom PPC icon

We Offer Tailored, Customisable PPC Services

Your business is unique, so why should your digital advertising have to fit a certain mould? Pick and choose the elements you need to get the most appropriate service package possible. And if you’re not sure what you need, we can work with you to figure it out.

Comprehensive PPC reporting icon

We are Across Comprehensive PPC Reporting

We get it – you want to know how campaigns perform in relation to your specific objectives. Our reports are fully customised to share insights you actually care about so you can make informed decisions based on solid data. We also don’t isolate your PPC Brisbane advertising; we look at the overall contribution of digital activities, so you can see the big picture.

Data PPC icon

We are Data-Centric

We believe that your actions should be driven by data. This is why we test, measure, analyse, and report, adjusting PPC campaigns based on data we get from campaign performance, competitive intelligence and industry standards.

Data PPC icon

We are Strategic

Because we don’t treat PPC advertising as a standalone activity, we are able to approach it with a strategic mindset. We can make paid digital advertising integrate with your existing strategy in a way that supports and complements plans you’re already putting into action.

Holistic PPC approach icon

We Take a Holistic Approach

We care about your Brisbane business, not just your PPC advertising. A successful campaign isn’t just about getting a one-off return on your investment – it’s about supporting long-term business growth through smart campaigns and management.

Dedicated PPC account manager icon

We Have Dedicated Account Managers

And your account manager is the person you actually communicate with. We don’t believe in having extra layers of communication between you and the people doing the work. You can build a deep relationship with the dedicated manager who is part of our professional PPC Brisbane team.


What’s Included in This Service?

There’s more to PPC success than ticking a few boxes in each platform and hitting ‘Launch Now’. End-to-end campaign creation and management has multiple elements, and it takes skill and experience to get all of them working together. Let our PPC Brisbane team handle the whole operation, from initial setup through to ongoing monitoring.

Don’t need a full PPC management service? No problem – pick and choose which parts you want us to take care of! We’re used to integrating our work with assets provided by clients, so you can focus on your specialties while we fill in the gaps.

The campaign setup lays the foundations for all future work on your account. This element may include activities like:

  • Account audit
  • Briefing communications
  • Campaign build
  • Tracking setup
  • Onsite recommendations
Of course, we can’t report on campaign success if we have no parameters defining what success is and no way to identify if goals are being met. Tracking and measurement are key to identifying the effectiveness of any marketing activity, and our account managers can set up and integrate all your goals with the relevant tracking tools.
We don’t just launch your campaign and come back when it’s over to see what happened – we check in regularly to make sure everything is on track. This ensures no potential issues go unnoticed and your budget is spent effectively.
What’s the point in sending people who click on your ad to a page that doesn’t address their search query, is difficult to use, or is slow to respond? Your landing page is an important part of turning clicks into conversions, so we have an in-house web dev/design team who can ensure your landing pages are optimised for your PPC advertising objectives.
Because we monitor your campaigns closely, we are able to conduct split tests, tweak ad copy, adjust budget and bid pacing, and run regular Search Query Reports to identify new opportunities for your business. This results in a tight, well-targeted PPC campaign that maximises the return on your investment and gives users the best experience possible.
No one clicks on ads that look like they came straight outta 1998! Let us handle your banner design and development – our in-house team can take it from concept to creation quickly and easily.
We may not be scientists, but you better believe our PPC Brisbane team know how to experiment and test when it comes to PPC advertising. Don’t worry – we aren’t making wild guesses and hoping it all works out for the best. Our best-practice methods of testing ensure we discover what works for your business and audience while exposing you to minimal risk. All of these experiments allow us to make those tweaks we mentioned above, so you can end up with an awesome campaign that gets you the best results possible.
You probably want to know how your campaigns are going, right? Most people do. This is why we have created comprehensive reports for digital advertising activities. You will get accurate and thorough data and insights to let you make informed decisions that are in the best interests of your business.
Executing high-quality campaigns is only part of what you’ll love when you partner up with Search Factory. We believe in going above and beyond for our clients, so we’re always happy to have a chat, explain what we’re doing or why we’re doing it, work through a problem with you or offer our advice if you come to us with your ideas. And don’t forget: we don’t just do PPC management, so even if you have a question outside of this area, we’ll have someone in the office who can jump in and lend a hand.


The Inch of Difference for Massive Profits

Software is great, but let’s face it, nothing beats a skilled human. Computers can’t dissect the most complicated performance issue and reveal a solution that transforms even the most technically correct account builds. Traditional PPC methods don’t always achieve the expected results and it takes a great PPC manager to find results using deep analysis, no matter how unorthodox the approach.

Below is a sample of the analysis techniques that make a great PCC manager and the difference between good and great results.

Excel Heat Map that accurately forecasts peak traffic periods:

PPC Heatmap

Complex spreadsheet formulas that forecast the exact bid amounts required for maximum ROI or Traffic Volume:



When Nothing Matters but Results

If your priority is results, we are the experts you can trust. We leave the competition behind in PPC advertising, with strong focuses on e-commerce ROI, brand engagement, audience targeting and traffic volume. Our team have honed their skills from years of experience so that you can feel 100% confident you’re dealing with a PPC Brisbane team you can trust.

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