Social Media Management Brisbane

Search Factory offers professional social media management for Brisbane businesses. This includes Facebook PPC (or CPC) which opens the doors to 800 million possibilities for your brand. Over 800 million users sign in to Facebook daily, creating one of the most diverse and data-rich sources of user data in the world – a marketplace ripe for the harvest. Leveraging your business, products or services on Facebook is a no-brainer – the size and spread of valuable demographics make it the perfect place to engage with customers who are ready to convert.


More Than Just Social


Most marketers think of Facebook as a social channel, great for cultivating social connections and brand awareness through an existing or curious customer base. And they aren’t wrong. But what this definition misses is Facebook’s unique ability to target specific users based on a bunch of demographic information, such as what they like, what they did on the weekend, and even their relationship status. Imagine all of that data and the ability to deliver key messages directly to a buy-it-now audience. Facebook is the new word-of-mouth; embrace your new, old and soon-to-be fans.

Facebook offers marketers the unique opportunity to concentrate and target their campaigns to JUST their target audience, based on any combination of user demographics (age, gender, location, language) as well as targeting users based on their likes, interests, and even what they’ve been talking about online. This means that marketers can deliver their message directly to their most valuable audience, and get the most value out of their marketing budget, because nothing gets wasted.
With a variety of ad formats and calls-to-action available, Facebook PPC allows marketers to quickly and effectively expand their base of followers, fans and ‘likes’. Build your existing social presence by optimising your campaign to target only the most likely users to ‘like’ your brand or business.

Different demographics respond to different kinds of marketing messages, designs and copy. Facebook PPC lets advertisers target different audiences with different marketing messages, delivering the highest impact and performance.
No advertising can ever be as effective as a word-of-mouth referral – or can it? Facebook PPC has the ability to promote your business or brand to the friends of your existing customers – let social media do the talking for you.
Because you only pay when a user views an ad, clicks through to your website or likes your page, none of your marketing budget gets wasted. Complete with the ability to set a budget of any size and deliver as few or as many ad impressions as you want, Facebook PPC is a truly scalable marketing channel for any size campaign.