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We understand your business is unique and requires a tailored SEO strategy to secure new search opportunities. This is why we undertake a rigorous and methodical approach to your SEO that fully aligns to your business goals and objectives.

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  • No lock in contracts, packages or gimmicks
  • Long term relationships with Australia’s biggest brands
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  • All services and budgets are flexible.
  • Transparent and customisable reporting
  • All services are handled in-house by an Australian tea.
  • A wealth of search related experience

What Our Clients Say:

Search Factory has helped us navigate Google’s constantly changing algorithm updates with great success
Search Factory have helped us to increase our online revenue by 785%.
99 Bikes,
Search Factory increased our SEM conversion rate by 54% and decreased Cost Per Acquisition by 47% while reducing AdWords spend by $5,000. Organic traffic has increased by 190.13% since May 2012. Conversions from Organic traffic have increased by 196% since tracking started in July 2012.
Since we started with Search Factory, we have seen conversions increase by 36% and reduced CPA by 50%.
My Health Warehouse,
As of June this year, organic traffic is up 179.05% year on year with the average duration of visits increased by 42%. Number of pages visited has also increased by 26.48%, showing a large increase in targeting quality traffic that is engaging with our site. Our share of voice has increased with new visitors to the site increasing by 181.45%.
Travel Money Oz,

Questions to ask your SEO Brisbane agency

5 Questions to Ask Your Brisbane SEO Agency

Google’s Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, has been saying “content is king” for a long time. So why do SEO Brisbane agencies continue to use low quality, outsourced, spun content from overseas writers who barely understand the English language? If you are going to participate in any link building activity, it is critical to use content that is HIGH QUALITY. If you wouldn’t publish it on your own website, don’t use it for link building! At Search Factory, we have our own in-house team of writers to handle all forms of content writing so you can be sure you will always receive quality content.
If your Brisbane SEO provider can’t answer basic questions about the Google algorithm, move on! SEO has changed significantly over the past twelve months and things that used to achieve results could now see your site penalised and removed from the SERPs. And, if you do receive a penalty, the road back can be very, very long…So do things right the first time! At Search Factory, we have a number of factors that we look at for on-site and off-site SEO. We know that all links are not equal and take appropriate measures to ensure we are building a search engine friendly backlink profile that won’t be penalised in future Google updates.
If your SEO Brisbane agency won’t give you complete transparency with their link building activity, it’s probably because they are building very few links or their links are of such a low quality that they don’t want to show you. If they are using low quality link packages they may try to cover this up by saying something like “we don’t want to give away our secrets”, but honesty and transparency are two things that any good SEO Brisbane agency will be happy to provide you with. We provide our clients with detailed link reports and 100% transparency with all SEO activities, so you always know what’s going on. It’s your website – you deserve to know what’s happening to it!
If your Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane agency doesn’t have a proven history of working with reputable brands and achieving great results over a long period of time, look elsewhere! Look for a company who works with recognisable brands and has consistently achieved results in competitive industries over a long period of time. Want to check out some of Search Factory’s clients? Click here. As you will see, we work with some of the most recognisable brands in Australia over a long period of time.
If your Brisbane SEO agency is being completely honest with you, the correct answer here will be “No” OR, they may be guaranteeing a position 1 ranking for a very specific, long-tailed keyword that is not going to give you any traffic.  Search Engine Optimisation results can’t be guaranteed because no one really knows what the Google algorithm is going to do next. Be skeptical if you are ever offered an SEO guarantee. It is often used as a ploy to get your signature.  


What Our Brisbane Clients Say

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Get proven Search Engine Optimisation strategies that work! Specifically tailored to your business, our tactics aren’t pulled from bland SEO templates; our team of experts design ethical SEO plans to maximise your search visibility.Read More
Our SEM methodology delivers unparalleled results. Tested and proven, we know how to get the best out of your Adwords, Facebook CPC, Remarketing and Display campaigns. Maximise your ROI with Search Factory today.Read More
Content marketing is key to long term success online. Our team of marketing experts ensure your content appears in the right places, remaining relevant to your industry and values while driving engagement through multiple channels. Read More
Our Aussie in-house team deliver targeted, share-worthy copy according to the needs of your business. Website copy, SEO articles, press releases, promotional materials, shareable infographics, engaging quizzes and much more.Read More

Comprehensive SEO Brisbane

Keyword Research is the fundamental basis for an SEO strategy. It might sound like something quite obvious, but a lot of Brisbane businesses make the mistake of wanting to optimise their website for terms that they choose themselves, based on their personal knowledge of the industry.

It’s a great place to start, but the most common error you can make is to base your decisions solely on what ‘you think’ people are searching for. Ranking #1 for ‘eskimo igloos Brisbane’ isn’t going to help you sell igloos if no one is searching for it!

At Search Factory, we use a variety of keyword research tools, such as Google Keyword Planner and Market Samurai. Optimising page titles, meta descriptions and heading tags based on search volumes is one of the best ways to improve keyword rankings, but this needs to be supported by excellent on-page content and a quality backlink profile, containing topically relevant domains.

If there is something that is potentially causing issues on your website when it comes to SEO and rankings, we’ll find it.

Using a variety of SEO auditing tools including your Google Search Console, Screaming Frog and DeepCrawl we’ll put your website through the wringer to find anything and everything that can be improved for search visibility.

Onsite search engine optimisation is the process of understanding a website’s purpose and establishing a strategy to rank well with search engines. After the keyword strategy is defined, and the SEO audit is completed, we can start to make onsite changes based on this data to really improve overall search visibility.

This includes optimisation to title tags, meta descriptions, on page content any other important SEO elements. We provide real deliverables for you to review and can even assist with implementation.

Offsite SEO consists of reviewing a website’s backlink profile for low-quality links, balancing out over-optimised anchor text and contributing to a growth of high- quality links from topically relevant domains.

Despite the above methodology, offsite SEO isn’t an exact science. There are a number of factors we here at Search Factory review in the SEO Audit to check and report on a website’s backlink profile, as well as certain steps we take to move it back to a healthy state – and keep it there!

But why is offsite SEO so important? Despite search engines’ efforts to find the best way to ascertain which website is the best fit for the top position in SERPs, links remain the dominant metric for indicating authority. However, as with all things in SEO, once search marketers find a link in Google’s chain they can exploit, it gets spammed quite heavily, to the point where Google takes action to reinvigorate its search results with the best search results possible; this is what led to the Penguin update!

Booting up Google Analytics on an early morning, you see a significant drop in website traffic and, all of a sudden, your positions have disappeared in Google. Sound familiar? If so, you might have been hit with the dreaded Manual Penalty from Google’s Web Spam Team.

Manual Penalties are usually the result of unnatural link building that can come from buying thousands of spammy links for $5 or from work done by an SEO agency that has practised ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques on your website in the past.

Regardless of the how or why, these links need to be removed and reconsideration request(s) need to be sent to have the penalty lifted. But don’t fret, we are masters in getting your SEO back on track and cleaning up any penalties you may be suffering.

Your backlink profile is the key to the Google green zone, a sweet-spot of possibility, results and kicking the competition to the bottom of the page. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Search engines rely heavily on the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing at your website – think of them as big red pointers.

Search engines look at links like votes or referrals for your business; if reputable sites link to your business, engines like Google move you up a place or two. It’s a popularity contest meets a maths exam. Numbers aside, it isn’t as simple as building thousands of links to your website. All links aren’t considered equal – a site with 10 quality links can easily blow a site with 10,000 burn and churners off the rankings. Search engines use some of the following metrics to evaluate where you stand:

– The Page/Trust rank of the domain
– The Anchor Text used on the link
– The type of link (e.g. directory, guest post, social bookmark)
– Where the link is located (e.g. footer, contextual, image)
– The page the link points to
– The ratio of links coming into a particular page

SEO reporting is fundamental in understanding what work has been done on your SEO campaign for the month and its performance to date. One thing you want to check with your SEO Company is what level of reporting you can expect.
Unlike other Brisbane SEO companies, we always like to go the extra mile, providing our clients with deep insight into their website’s performance against SEO guidelines and maintaining high levels of client contact.

Keeping up to date with SEO landscape

The search marketing industry has undergone large-scale changes in the past three years thanks to the release of the Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird algorithm updates. Designed to maintain a high level of quality, these updates were aimed at webmasters and SEOs who used tactics to manipulate search results and gain rankings with shortcuts. Here’s an overview of the major algorithm changes and how they impacted the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

penguin-seo The Penguin update first launched in April 2012, focusing on low quality backlinks and over optimisation of exact match anchor text. Penguin 2.0 sent shockwaves throughout the SEO industry, with many sites losing ranking. One of the more surprising sites to be penalised was, which lost over 57% of its visibility. This was surprising because the look and quality of content was high, but an analysis showed toxic links. Since its inception, Penguin has had five updates in total, with the latest update, Penguin 2.1, being released in October 2013. Penguin has its crosshairs locked on exact match anchor text from low quality domains. Diversifying your backlink profile by having quality, relevant domains with branded anchor text is the ideal Content Marketing strategy.
panda-seo The Panda update first hit in February 2011, focusing on filtering out sites that had poor, thin and duplicate content. Link farms and sites that were overly spammy with a high ad-to-content ratio also saw drops in rankings. Google’s latest Panda update, Panda 4.0, launched in May 2014 and resulted in a very bad day for eBay. The best way to keep the Panda happy is to ensure that all pages have unique and sufficient relevant content; you can’t have ten great pages in a thousand-page website.
hummingbird-seo Hummingbird was a different creature to Panda and Penguin. While Pandas and Penguins are black and white, the Hummingbird is full of colour – signifying a change to the core algorithm and how Google understands queries, rather than cleaning up spam. Heralded as the most significant rewrite to the algorithm since 2001, Matt Cutts reported it would affect 90% of searches, albeit in a subtle way, and followed the introduction of In-depth Articles and an expansion of the Knowledge Graph. Hummingbird focuses on categorising a query into intent, subject/content and location in order to provide the best results for each user. Optimising your website with Structured Data Markup helps search engines understand your website better and can assist in ranking for location-based, long-tail keywords.
At Search Factory we are proud to be certified as a Google Adwords partner and a Google Analytics qualified business.

search factory google partner badge

The Top 10 SEO Auditing Factors for Brisbane Businesses
In the past, SEO practitioners used “tricks” to deceive the Google algorithm for ranking increases. This was never going to be a long-term strategy and as Google become more sophisticated with its machine learning many of these techniques were phased out.

As a leading SEO Brisbane company, we don’t rely on deceitful tactics to gain rankings for our clients. No, we formulate custom SEO strategies for our clients that will lead to genuine ROI. Our first step when starting with a new client is to conduct a thorough SEO audit to make sure that the foundations of the site are of the best standard possible. This should be a core part to any SEO strategy or activity, as you’ll never achieve the best results possible by jumping straight in to building links or employing tactics without fixing what’s wrong in the first place. The days of building hundreds of links to rank a low quality page are over!

So here’s 10 factors you must take into account when conducting an SEO audit (in no particular order).

1. Duplicate Content Check: Internal and External Pages

Any good SEO should know that duplicate content is a major issue for websites and this also relates to similar content. Your website shouldn’t be using templates to generate content across pages or anything similar to this, each page needs to be unique. If you’re looking to detect external websites with duplicate content then Copyscape is a great tool to use. If you’re looking to detect duplicate content issues within your own website then the suite of tools is a good one to use.

2. Keyword Research

It might sound like something pretty obvious, but a lot of people make the mistake of wanting to optimise their website for terms that they choose themselves, based on their personal knowledge of the industry. It’s a great place to start, but never base your decisions solely on what “you think” people are searching for. There’s some great tools to use for keyword research and ideas including Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner and Market Samurai. Make sure that you base decisions on actual search volumes and you’ll be sure to see the direct benefits. Ranking 1 for “eskimo igloos in brisbane” isn’t going to help you sell igloos if no one is searching for it!

3. Domain Duplication

I’ve previously written a post on getting your domain settings right for SEO to ensure that you don’t have two versions of your website being crawled (one with “www” and one without). This can cause some serious duplicate issues and is a very common problem for most websites. Follow the post linked in this paragraph and you’ll find all the info you need for setting up the right redirects.

4. Folders Without Pages

Another common issue that websites have is folders within their website structure that don’t have a page on them. An example below:
• Developer sets up the site with
• If you remove the mens products page in the URL and visit there is no web page present (often goes to a 404 error).
This is a very common occurrence on websites and an issue that should be resolved. This creates an inconsistency in your website hierarchy that creates issues with passing authority correctly throughout your website. There are two solutions for this, which is to either create a page at the folder level OR remove this folder from your website structure.

5. Page Title & Meta Descriptions – Targeting & Character Limits

Page Titles and Meta Description character limits (or pixel limits) are of great importance to a website when it comes to being shown within the search results page. These are your first two opportunities to capture a user’s attention and drive the click to your website. Maximise the use of the characters and space you have, and ensure that the messaging is clear, relevant and contains a strong call to action, just like an Adwords ad!

6. The Use of Headings

Heading use is also another issue we come across regularly with websites that we audit. A few standard guidelines that should be used:
• Only 1 H1 Heading per page (should be unique and targeted to the topic)
• Maximum 3 H2 Headings (only used for headings that are relevant to targeting the page or key points within the body)
• Utilise H3 and H4 Headings for anything on the page that isn’t relevant to helping you rank (think sidebar headings or when there’s many products listed on a page)

7. Page Speed

Page Speed is a factor of relevance to SEO, and lends itself to much debate as to how important it really is. That being said, we often recommend that it may not be essential to employ every possible speed improvement tactic, however you must know if your website scores badly. A good check to run is to use the Google Page Speed tool to identify potential improvements that could be made. Google provide some suggestions that could be slowing your site down and I would suggest that you aim for a page speed above 80. This is of course going to be more difficult for a large ecommerce website than a small 10 page informational site, however it’s good to have a goal.

8. Breadcrumbs

If you have multiple folders on your website, you should have breadcrumbs implemented, simple as that! If your website doesn’t have breadcrumbs, add them today. If you’re using an open source CMS such as Drupal or WordPress, there’s loads of plugins that you can use. The next step is to add markup to your breadcrumbs.

9. Google Webmaster Tools

We also have many websites come on board that don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools account set up. This is also a must have, as it gives you greater control over how Google sees your website, and provides some great insight into improvements that can be made. Ensure you do the following within your account:
• Set the correct Geographic Target
• Submit an XML Sitemap
• Review HTML Suggestions within a few weeks
That’s just a few of the useful features, but there’s much more to be utilised as you will see when you log in!

10. Social Media Sharing

One other easy-to-implement factor that comes up regularly is the lack of social media sharing buttons on Australian websites. Now this is not your social media profiles, but “Like”, “Tweet” and “+1” buttons on the website pages themselves. Increased social media mentions continue to correlate with increased rankings, so it is important to make it easy for your website visitors to share your content. Addthis and Sharethis provide great solutions for customisation and easy implementation of social sharing.

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