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As Brisbane’s leading digital marketing and SEO agency, we don’t just get digital. We live and breathe it.

Our SEO Brisbane specialists have helped hundreds of businesses – big and small – achieve success with effective search engine optimisation and digital marketing strategies. Our cutting-edge campaigns are tailored exactly to their business needs.

Your business success is our #1 goal. We don’t just want to be your SEO company– we want to be your growth partner. We’re not satisfied unless you’re getting a clear and remarkable ROI from your investment with us in search results.

You can trust our digital and SEO experts with every aspect of your digital marketing. Get in touch today to discuss your business needs and join the growing list of brands thriving online and in search by partnering with Search Factory.

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Brisbane Digital Marketing & SEO Services

We combine specialist SEO services with a range of digital strategies for maximum ROI. Our Brisbane SEO consultants have the strategic mindset to recognise what your brand’s digital puzzle should look like, but we also have the practical knowhow to put all the pieces together.

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Looking for an SEO strategy complemented by audience-targeted content? Or a Google AdWords campaign that runs concurrently with a brilliantly designed social media ad? No matter what combination of marketing activities your brand needs to succeed, our digital and SEO management has you covered. Even better, our Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast consultants use the latest SEO tools and are on top of all the current search engine optimisation algorithms updates.

Real Clients, Real SEO Success Stories

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Why you’ll love working with our digital marketing & SEO company

Local in-house experts

We action essential SEO tactics to achieve quick wins, but we also develop long-term campaigns to create ongoing results. This ‘go the distance’ philosophy is why we form lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients.

We’re not just your SEO agency; we’re your business partner.

Global backing

Athough we operate locally across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast, our global reach extends far beyond. As a proud member of the Dentsu Aegis Network, we get exclusive partnerships with Facebook and Google, access to the best & latest performance technology and information, and plenty of other globally recognised advantages.

No lock-in contracts

Our clients don’t stay with us because they have to. They stay because we deliver excellent ROI, month after month.

Strict KPI targets

Your success is our goal. With measurable milestones and key targets to hit, we can tell you how well your project is going at any time (spoiler alert: it’s going great!).

Driven by data

No guesswork, no flying blind, no need to cross our fingers. Our methods are backed by data, which helps us predict your results.

Data and reporting

We’ll clearly show you exactly how your digital activity is progressing with our regular and clear methods of reporting.

Tailored projects

We won’t try to squeeze your business into a cookie-cutter template. Your digital marketing strategy will be custom-made to fit your objectives and budget.


Our aim is to be your overall growth partner, not just another digital marketing agency. Using programs like Asana, Instagantt and Client Heartbeat allows us to streamline communication, remain transparent, and implement your feedback anytime.

Key Search Engine Optimisation Concepts & FAQS

Ensuring your website is technically sound gives us a solid foundation for SEO success. Because you could have thousands of backlinks and award-winning content – but it doesn’t mean anything if Google can’t crawl and index your site.

We use a comprehensive 70-point checklist to foolproof your technical optimisation, covering far more factors than any other SEO Brisbane agency. This extensive audit would typically be our primary focus during your first month with us.

Keywords: yes, they still matter. But not exactly in the same way as they used to. We craft keywords intelligently into your content. How? By looking beyond the keyword and seeing the broader picture. This ‘topic modelling’ approach ensures that we capture a wide range of search queries and intents. After all, a single page can rank for hundreds of terms now, since Google’s algorithms are advanced enough to understand language semantics.

Instead of trying to rank for any and every keyword that relates to your business, we develop an intent matrix. This means we look at the keyword possibilities and value their intent before we choose to target them.

The first step is enticing the click in the first place. We strive to boost your click-through rate by optimising your meta titles and meta descriptions, as well as strategically including structured data (e.g. a 5-star average rating that appears in your SERP listing).

From there, we need to make sure readers will be satisfied with your page after they click. We do this by ensuring the content we write accurately and comprehensively answers their questions and satisfies their intent. We also help clients identify and fix any factors that could be causing users to bounce (e.g. poor site speed, unnavigable site design, or spammy pop-ups).

Our approach to content involves looking at the full funnel. This way, our content can cover every stage of the purchase journey, enabling us to capture readers at the moments that matter most.
We achieve this by working closely with our in-house content writing team. Read More

Just like keywords, links are still important (they remain one of the top 3 ranking factors), but the tactics around them have also changed significantly over time. Our link-building strategies focus on quality over quantity – we’d much prefer 1 backlink from a reputable publisher with high domain authority rather than 10 links from low-value blogs.

How do we get high-quality links? With high-quality content, of course. We create hero pieces (such as infographics and buying guides) that influencers actually want to share with their audiences, building up a natural and strong backlink portfolio for your site. We also invest research time into identifying the right influencers in advance and understand the types of content they like to share.

While this is the most common, it’s important to understand that there are several other link-building avenues available (e.g. links via sponsorships). We consider and explore each one to determine the best strategy for your website.

We measure and optimise user experience with heat mapping and A/B split testing. It’s important to consider how your user experience affects your website visitors, because this can have a real impact on your rankings over time. For example, if people frequently lose patience with your site quickly, you’ll drop. However, if people frequently lose themselves reading your wonderful content, you’ll rise.

We have a team of in-house designers/developers who can make cosmetic changes to your site for the purpose of improving UX.

Constantly, that’s how. The organic search landscape changes every day, so our experts are always researching, blogging, and obsessively updating themselves with the latest and future trends of SEO. You can chat to a member of our Brisbane-based team to find out more about the future of SEO or head to our blog where we deliver useful tips and tackle recent myths and trends.

Transparently and comprehensively. We don’t sweep any unflattering stats under the rug – we’d rather shine a spotlight on them so we can work out how to adapt and improve.

Similarly, when results are good (spoiler alert: they usually are!), we don’t just give you a green ‘up’ arrow and expect you to be impressed. We’ll explain in detail what’s working, why it’s working, and how we’ll make sure it keeps working in the future.

How long is a piece of string? There a countless factors that will affect the ‘right’ or ‘best’ amount you should invest in SEO. This is why it’s essential to speak with an expert. By understanding your business and circumstances, we can help you determine an investment figure that will deliver optimal ROI.

Not yet. Not by a long shot. Searches are still on the rise and organic click-through rates still completely overshadow paid clicks. As long as search engines continue to dominate the market as a resource for finding information about products and services, SEO will remain one of the strongest marketing channels available.

To give you some insight into how valuable SEO still is, consider how much it costs to reach your audience through search.

The average cost to reach 2,000 people is:

  • $900 for direct mail
  • $500 for magazine advertising
  • $150 for broadcast ads
  • Just $50 for online search.

Onsite SEO deals with anything that’s part of your website, such as site speed, technical SEO, onsite content, and so on. Offsite SEO refers to tactics that focus on factors external to your site, such as link-building, Google My Business listings, social media posting, and unlinked brand mentions.

Link building via link purchasing went out of fashion quite a while ago. Our link-building tactics focus on earning links – typically by developing standout, shareable content and building strong relationships with influencers. This is considered a white hat link building tactic that Google is OK with. Anything that attempts to manipulate the algorithm (black hat link building) would be frowned upon and not carry much link equity, or more importantly value to your business.

Absolutely – even though Google have made it more difficult to do so. Their algorithm updates used to be major. Panda and Penguin shook the organic search world to its core. These days, the algorithms are advanced enough to update continuously and subtly. For example, with RankBrain, we saw the evolution of algorithms updating themselves using machine learning, much faster than they ever could have been updated by people. Oh, and Google is more secretive about their plans than they used to be, which doesn’t help.

However, we do have our ways. By monitoring industry forums and news, we still manage to keep stride with any significant changes that get rolled out. Our genuine passion and extensive experience in the industry certainly help a bit too.

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How We Achieve Our Brisbane SEO Results
Short-term gains, long-term vision
We action essential SEO tactics to achieve quick wins, but we also develop long-term campaigns to create ongoing results. This ‘go the distance’ philosophy is why we form lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients. We’re not just your SEO agency; we’re your business partner.
Reverse-engineering competitors’ strategies
Understanding why your competitors are ranking is sometimes the key to achieving your own success. Our SEO Brisbane team can identify areas your competitors have missed, while finding ways to outmanoeuvre them on your most important keywords.
Enterprise-level technology
Powered by iProspect, we have access to some of the greatest SEO tools available today. Our team have the enterprise package for Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog and DeepCrawl, allowing us to access premium features and deliver deeper insights than any other SEO agency in Brisbane.
Patented rank-tracking technology
With Google changing their algorithms 500-600 times a year, we need to be even nimbler than the tools above. This is why we developed our own RankHub software, which gives us (and our clients) real-time ranking updates on any search engine, at any location, on any device.
We don’t sell traditional 'SEO packages’
Our pricing is just like our services: tailored to your business. Our packages are set to deliver on your objectives, not keywords. With that said, we give you full access to track keywords across multiple regions and devices, and you can see reports on your performance 24/7.
Cost-effective marketing
Our prices reflect the ROI we deliver, and organic leads tend to close 8.5 times more often than outbound leads. So you know you’re making a strong investment for your business.
Increased credibility
When you frequently rank for relevant terms, your brand can become your audience’s go-to source for seeking information and making purchases. People respect websites that rank organically, which is why around ¾ of searchers ignore paid search results (and why ranking is so vital for your business). By coupling these ranking improvements with content marketing techniques, we can position your brand as an authoritative and reliable resource. This attracts organic links, traffic and trust – which are in turn valuable for your SEO.
Valuable SEO insights
Our ‘no stone unturned’ approach to SEO means we regularly discover facts about your business, competitors and customers that can benefit your business beyond the search results.

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