5 New Features in AdWords Editor 11.0
Dani Dani
May 7,2015

5 New Features in AdWords Editor 11.0

Ask most Google advertisers and they’ll tell you AdWords Editor is the best thing since sliced bread. Editor is a popular tool for search marketers as it allows users to make bulk edits to AdWords accounts with speed and ease.

In December 2014 Google released their biggest update in 5 years to one of their most used tools, changing the interface and functionality of the software. The updated interface and added features now let users bulk edit accounts more easily. On April 10th 2015, die hard fans of the old editor layout were out of luck as support is now only offered for version 11.

If you’re just starting out with AdWords or want to know how these updates have affected the old editor you knew and loved, here is a brief list of the benefits of AdWords Editor version 11.0.

1) New Interface
The new user interface for Editor is a pleasure to view and to use. The program has been updated with a minimalist, predominantly grey-scale design and is now separated into 5 sections – the toolbar, account tree, data view, editor panel and type list. In our opinion the type list is the biggest improvement to navigation.

Type List

2) Undo and Redo Up To 20 Successive Changes
The beauty of Editor is it allows you to review changes made before uploading them to an account. In the new update you are now able to undo and redo up to 20 successive changes. Be aware though – once changes have been posted you are not able to revert the account to a previous version.

3) Work On Multiple Accounts at Once
When you first link Editor to your account, you will be given the option to download one or multiple accounts. Once downloaded, you can work on these accounts in their own windows. The recent AdWords update also lets users download entire MCCs, and copy and paste data between accounts.

4) Work On Multiple Account Sections at Once
With the new pop-out window feature, AdWords Editor allows users to work on multiple sections of the account in different windows. Simply double-click a type in the type list.

5) Keyboard Shortcuts
Gone are the days of clicking through menu tabs and dropdowns. AdWords Editor now provides users with a range of shortcut commands for account navigation, managing changes, searching and editing items, and managing keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns and extensions.

These 5 benefits have definitely won us over. If you’re still using version 10, it’s time to update!

May 7,2015

Author: Dani

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