4 Tips For Writing Killer Blog Headlines To Sell Your Guest Posts
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January 18,2013

4 Tips For Writing Killer Blog Headlines To Sell Your Guest Posts

Having electric headlines for your blogposts is fundamental to the efforts you put in pitching your ideas to bloggers to earn yourself a valuable guest posting spot. To put it into real life context, having an eye-catching headline is as important as, in the situation of a first date, getting yourself groomed immaculately to gain his/her interests in reading on about your personality (i.e. the content of your blogpost!)

My experience in outreaching and sourcing guest post opportunities for our clients wwwght me that you don’t have to be the former editor-in-chief for the New York Times to be able to write captivating headlines that appeal to blog owners. Keep in mind these few tips below and you’re guaranteed to attract lots of valuable offers from bloggers wishing to publish your guest posts!

What’s Trending?

First of all, put yourself in the blog owners’ shoes. Why would they consider taking your guest posts? Blog owners accept guest posts to get fresh content and gain new perspective to their blogs, which hopefully help to boost traffic and visits. Incorporating trending terms and keywords in your headlines can potentially help blog owners gain visibility in search engines from organic search results.

Here is a perfect example of what I’m talking about, a killer headline riding on the wave (literally!) of a trending topic ‘Gangnam style’ by Tourism Queensland has generated over 390 shares on StumpleUpon:

Psy Photobombs Queensland, Gangnam Style


Be Appy, Be Techy!


Headlines containing tech-related keywords such as ‘mobile apps’ and ‘tech gadgets’ are another clear winner in 2012 that generate lots of high quality offers in guest posting forums. This topic is so versatile that you can work it in any categories of blogposts you’re writing about, be it weddings, parenting, health or business related topics.

This is also one kind of ‘evergreen’ subject for blogposts in the sense that you can slightly amend your headlines and write up a fresh new post every six months or so, given the speed of technology changes these days. You can also make your headlines seasonal:

5 Android Apps For Planning The Perfect Valentine’s Day

5 iPhone Apps For Your Christmas Shopping

7 Must-Have Tech Gadgets For Business Travellers This Summer

Big Brands Sell


Working names of big brands into your headline is another simple formula guaranteed to sell. Think about this, you’re leveraging off for free the brand awareness that these companies built by spending billions of marketing dollars. Here are some examples of headlines that have generated lots of bids from blog owners in forums:

What You Can Learn From Coca Cola For Your Small Business Marketing

10 Big Brands And 10 Marketing Lessons

Impossible Is Nothing: Awesome Nike Commercials from 80s

10 Myths About A McDonald’s Big Mac That You Should Know

What’s Kim Kardashian been up to?


Okay, I heard you, there’re tons of people saying they’re sick of seeing the Kardashians on the cover of entertainment magazines (and everywhere else!). But that doesn’t explain why she still topped the list of Yahoo’s Most Searched Topics for 2012 (Kim Kardashians at third place just below the US election and iPhone 5). Let’s face it, most of us are in a love-hate relationship with celebrities and they will always sell. You can be a celebrity in guest posting forums by borrowing their fame and working it into the subject of your headlines:

Glamorous Taylor Swift Style Hair Updo in 5 Minutes

Travelling James Bond Style: The Ultimate Destination Guide

Or, simply write about any topics in ‘celebrities style’ and that’s the recipe to get your blogposts sell like hotcakes:

The Little Known Secrets Of Body Shaping From Celebrities’ Personal Trainers

Most Luxurious Bathroom From Celebrities’ Home

If you found my tips above helpful, why not take these ideas and create a template of your own for a list of killer headlines that rock the guest post forums?

Do you have any favourite formulae for writing blog headlines? Share with us here!

Content Marketing
January 18,2013
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