5 Ways to get the Most out of your Press Release
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January 29,2013

5 Ways to get the Most out of your Press Release

A press release provides information on news worthy topics directed at a broad target audience. In competitive industries, companies are consistently trying to deliver their brand messages through marketing, advertising and public relations strategies, in order to increase sales, drive SEO results and strengthen brand image. Press releases are a good method for companies to deliver recent product campaigns or messages relative to a specific industry, as they strive to differentiate themselves from competitors.

To successfully utilise PR platforms and achieve desired outcomes, you must incorporate 5 key strategies:

Quality Content

It is essential to create quality content in your press release that is relevant to reader interests. When developing an article for a press release, be sure to write important and captivating content that is attractive to the target audience. ‘Content is king’ and the more compelling the article, the more readers it will attract.

New or Recent Brand Messages

The original concept of press releases is still valuable. There is a common need to distribute information on the latest news about brand products or services. Promises from preferred companies gains customers’ attention. This may include new innovations, updated services or even price adjustments and this will engage or motivate potential and existing customers to act.

Grab the Reader’s Attention

Establishing an attractive headline is vital for press releases. The article headline MUST instantly catch the reader’s attention, so be sure to include a Call-To-Action to prompt a positive response. The structure of the article should flow and include well-crafted subheadings to encourage readers to continue.

Reinforce Branding

Don’t forget that distributing a press release aims at achieving specified goals. Therefore it is important to consistently reiterate your brand name throughout the article, especially around key elements. This will reinforce your brand name as top of mind awareness by convinced readers.

NEVER Mention Competitors or Other Brand Names

Mentioning other competitors or brand names in your press release could potentially erase all the positive messages that have been conducted throughout the release. Remember that your company is trying to deliver a positive message to a broad audience. You don’t want other brand names in the reader’s mind, therefore mentioning irrelevant brand names may have a negative impact on your preferred results.

As the need for developing a press release aims at increasing sales, driving SEO results and strengthening brand image, utilising these 5 strategies should be integrated when establishing your content. Many platforms inherit strict guidelines prior to permitting articles being released on their site, therefore creating unique, relevant content is important.

Content Marketing
January 29,2013
Guest Author

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