50 Article Title Ideas For Your Content Strategy
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Content Marketing
February 12,2013

50 Article Title Ideas For Your Content Strategy

As part of your Content Marketing strategy, coming up with catchy titles for articles on your blog or for guest posts on other websites can be quite a difficult task.

I’ve decided to reveal some of my generic title ideas that will help assist other content managers, link builders and bloggers out there come up with unique content topics each month. So here are 50 generic titles that can be manipulated when creating topics, through a variety of 10 different categories:


5 Killer iPhone Apps For X

5 Best Innovations For X Revealed

Top 5 Online Resources to X Your X

Top 5 Reasons to X Online

5 Awesome Apps For X Lovers



5 Best X Ideas While X

Top 5 Tips For X

5 Common X Locations

The Top 5 Secrets to X During X

5 Ways to Stay Entertained While X



5 Best Mobile Apps to Follow Your Favourite X Team

Tips on How to Persuade Your X to Let You go to the X Game

5 of the Craziest X While Watching X

5 Ways to Get Noticed at the X Game

Top X Outfits to Wear at the X


Home & Garden

What Everybody Ought to Know About X

Get Rid of X Once and For All

How do I Know if X ?

5 of the Best X Apps

How to Create a X Friendly X


Real Estate

5 Quick Ways to Help X Your Home

Top 5 X Tips When X a House

What to do Prior to X Your Home

5 Things to Look for in a X

Insider’s Guide to X



5 Ways to Achieve X Results

5 Tips to Hiring the Best X For Your Business

5 X to Avoid While in the Office

The Most Common Excuses Why X

Hoe to Persuade Your X to Let You X



5 Mind Blowing Attractions in X

5 of the Most Luxurious X to Travel With

Top 5 X Getaways

Top Destination Hot Spots to X Your X

Top X Destinations to X Your Partner



5 Common Mistakes People Make While X Their X

5 of the Latest Fashion Trends for X

How to Prepare Your X For X in 2013

Common X People Have While X

5 of the Craziest X X



5 Handy Mobile Apps For Your X

Top 5 Favourite Car X

5 Tips on What to do if Your X Breaks Down

Top 5 Apps to Keep You Entertained While X

5 Dangerous X People Have While Driving Their X



5 Seductive Recipes for X

Insider’s Guide to X

The X Most Important Steps You Can Take To X

5 Popular X For X

The 5 Famous X X for X on a X X


I’ve tried to keep these as close to the genre as possible, however you’ll notice that you can use each title for numerous categories. I also tried to branch out on the very last title by adding in a few extra X (blahs). You can be as creative as you like with some titles, these will help get you started.


Content Marketing
February 12,2013
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