Content Marketing: Shifts, Trends & Results (Interactive Minds)
Content Marketing: Shifts, Trends & Results (Interactive Minds)
Kyle Kyle
Content Marketing
August 23,2018

Content Marketing: Shifts, Trends & Results (Interactive Minds)

Yesterday, I had the privilege of talking to 200+ Brisbane marketers about content marketing at an Interactive Minds Brisbane event.

I was the first speaker of the day, and I definitely wasn’t terrified.

Kyle at Interactive Minds


In 25ish minutes, I covered:

  • What content marketing really is and has always been
  • How content marketing is evolving (the audience was divided about my chameleon metaphor, but heck I stand by it)
  • Some examples of high-performing content (special thanks to National Storage, Godfreys and Travel Money Oz for allowing us to share some of the work we’ve been doing with them)
  • A couple of our team’s favourite content marketing tools (ranging from Answer the Public to SourceBottle)
  • Tips for measuring content ROI (e.g. what kind of metrics to use based on your objectives).

If you’d like to see my presentation, too bad, you missed your chance.

Just foolin’, you can view it right here.

Or just click this button


  • It’s a PDF, so you’ll have to imagine the background GIFs are moving.
  • You’ll also have to imagine how good it looks on a proper big screen.
  • Imagine all the smart things I said while presenting it too.
  • And hey, while you’re at it, go ahead and imagine all the people, living life in peace.


The Other Speakers

Luckily, the intimidatingly large crowd didn’t have to put up with just me for the whole event. The line-up also featured:

  • Georgina Auton, Content Producer at Place Graceville (particularly loved her tips for creating and promoting video content)
  • James McGrath, Content Editor at MYOB (his phrase about content marketing being “the billboard people drive to instead of driving past” really resonated with me)
  • Ashley Ward, Digital Marketing Strategist at SEMrush (really enjoyed her Pixar analogies and GIFs, and also excited to try out SEMrush’s SEO Writing Assistant).

You can view all of their excellent presentations on the Interactive Minds website. Or reach out to us if you’d like to chat about our content marketing insights.

Content Marketing
August 23,2018

Author: Kyle

Kyle loves writing and editing content, which is fortunate since he's our Head of Content. He particularly likes creating infographics and interactive quizzes, but he’ll take whatever he’s given to be honest. After working across a range of industries for an eclectic collection of clients, Kyle is an expert in sounding like an expert. He also likes to play tennis and sing, but he'll never get paid to do either of these things.

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