Five Simple Steps to a Strong Content Marketing Campaign
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Content Marketing
January 14,2015

Five Simple Steps to a Strong Content Marketing Campaign

Content is king. This is such a buzz phrase that is being said over and over in marketing at the moment. There is a good reason for this though. Content marketing is such a valuable marketing technique that is still overlooked by business. Not only does it increase traffic to your website but it can be used to grow relationships and increase your industry voice and reputation.

Content marketing is a big, broad term, but the beautiful thing about it is that it’s a really simple and yet powerful form of marketing for any industry.

  1. Use the Appropriate Professionals

Seeking the right professionals is important. Why? Because the overall standard of web content has increased and it’s no longer acceptable to have low quality YouTube videos, poorly written blog posts or infographics with poor design. Even if that content and information is quality, people won’t engage with something if they feel the delivery mechanism is unprofessional. Here at Search Factory, we provide a full range of content marketing services like graphic design, professional copy writing and digital PR experts. Having all aspects of your content marketing campaign done well will ensure a smooth process and more positive response rate.

  1. Trial Different Types of Content

Don’t let success in one area of content marketing narrow your focus. You might have a really successful YouTube channel that gets a lot of engagement. But if you only focus on YouTube, then you’re missing out on all the customers who prefer to share images or read blogs. A comprehensive content marketing strategy will make use of a wide range of content types. Search Factory content marketers have access to thousands of Australian and international bloggers and online publications. Different types of content gets placed on different platforms and will also get received differently. It’s important not to stick to identical content every month if your budget allows. Be open to reaching different audiences through educational and entertaining infographics or an engaging quiz or competition.

If you are a fashion or product-based company, make use of online ‘influencers’. Throw a free product their way in exchange for a post and tag on Instagram or Pinterest. It is important to carefully select the most appropriate online influencer for your product, though, or your chance of success is lowered.

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  1. Make it Shareable – something even you’d want to share!

Have a good think about the type of content you share, and compare that to what your target audience is looking for. Make sure you’re saying things that are interesting to your customers, but that also adds value to the business relationship. Keep your messages on brand. Cute cat videos might be popular and get a lot of engagement, but they might not help your credibility if you’re in professional services like law or accounting. It’s important to strike the right balance between being entertaining and worthy of a share, and branded enough that it will be remembered and acknowledged by every viewer. However, if appropriate, don’t be afraid to add a little humour or personality to your brand to encourage relatability.

  1. Distribution is as Important as Creation

If you’re just focused on developing the content, then your content marketing strategy is only halfway there. You also need a comprehensive strategy that determines how you will distribute your new piece of content. Loading content to your blog or uploading a video to YouTube isn’t enough. It might be accessible, but no one knows it’s there to access. Make use of all of your social media channels to direct customers to your new content. Develop SEM campaigns that capitalise on your new content. Talk to your marketing agency about what they do to increase the audience’s engagement with the content. What strategies can you use to drive users to your content? Not only is quality content important but so is seeding each campaign out effectively to really pack a punch.

  1. Think about What you Want to Get out of it

Your customer has just watched your branded video and they loved every minute of it. Now what? Do they click on the next video suggestion and fall deeper into the online content rabbit hole? Or do you have a way for them to take action, to turn their appreciation for your content into a meaningful engagement? Don’t forget that while shares and likes might be good to see, in the end, your content marketing should be driving revenue for the business. Talk to your marketing team about how the content marketing strategy is aligned to the organisational goals. At a minimum, the content should drive customers to the website where they have the opportunity to learn more about your business. Really switched on marketers are more explicit with what they want from the audience, integrating special offers or incentives into the content, or following the video or blog post with an opportunity to subscribe to the organisation’s newsletter.

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Content Marketing
January 14,2015
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