The Search for Digital Success Leaps Forward with Content
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September 11,2014

The Search for Digital Success Leaps Forward with Content

Riding a burgeoning wave of success, Brisbane entrepreneurs Nic Blair and Michael Bell are taking the next step with their SEO agency Search Factory by launching a Premium Content Development service on the 15th of September.

The Search Factory Content Development team can now produce premium web page content, content audits, editing, blogs, email marketing and digital PR, in addition to SEO-driven articles.

Existing and soon-to-be clients will benefit from a large team of experienced professional writers located Australia-wide.

The new service is a natural progression for Search Factory’s founder, Blair, who was recently named as Anthill’s 2014 30 Under 30 winner.

“As an already crowded marketplace expands, the importance of strong content to both SEO performance and buyer psychology can no longer be ignored. It makes sense for us to focus our efforts on providing a superior content development service to complement the work of our content marketers.”

Since being established in May 2011, Search Factory has transformed into a digital powerhouse, with over 20 staff now based at its Fortitude Valley offices.

However, achieving this success was no easy feat, with eight failed business ventures, plenty of dashed hopes and much financial hardship on the cards for Blair and Bell.

The story of their rocky path to the top has been profiled in Smart Company and the Sydney Morning Herald.

For Search Factory, though, the future is looking bright according to this dynamic duo.

“Our three-to-five-year plan is to be the largest search agency in the Australian market. We want to educate the market as to what people should be looking for in a search provider – information that people can take into their business.”

Blair explains that part of this long-term plan is to capitalise on Google’s ever-increasing focus on quality content by propelling the company’s Content Development service to greater heights.

“We strongly predict that high-quality content will be an integral part of SEO solutions moving forwards. Businesses that don’t adapt by implementing content strategies may find themselves at a disadvantage in the near future.”

Search Factory will be producing a booklet called ‘Start with Content’, which aims to explain the role of content in the SEO world and just how it can tell a story to shape the perception of a brand.

To pre-order your copy of ‘Start with Content’ or to receive a tailor-made content proposal for your business, contact the team at Search Factory today.



Search Factory is one of Australia’s fastest-rising SEO agencies, specialising in the areas of SEO, SEM, Content Marketing and Content Development. The company will soon be launching a Social Media service too. Established in 2011, the company has grown from two employees to over 20, and enjoyed a financial turnover of $2.2 million for the 2013/2014 financial year.

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Content Marketing
September 11,2014
Guest Author

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