Targeted Blogger Outreach (Part 2): Where to Prospect for Local Blogs
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August 28,2013

Targeted Blogger Outreach (Part 2): Where to Prospect for Local Blogs

I posted the first to my series ‘Targeted Blogger Outreach’ here last week, assuming that you’ve done your homework and have your campaign brief ready to go, let’s move on to the next step and talk about how we actually go about digging out the blog gems from the sea of blogosphere.

Once you’ve had an initial meeting with your client you should have found out their targeted blog niches, and most importantly, the targeted geo-location of bloggers. Reaching out to bloggers located in the markets where your clients focus on not only guarantee relevancy to story ideas, from a SEO perspective it can also potentially deliver a few strong backlinks from local domains which helps with local search rankings. Apart from using advanced operators such as ‘’ in search engines, how do we dive deeper beyond Google searches to hunt down blogs in your geo area? I’m sharing some of my favourite bookmarks below:

1. Local Blog Directories

The webmasters behind these local directory sites have done the hard work to filter out local bloggers, why not take advantage of it? Note that some blogs might be listed in multiple  directories, all you need is a scrapping tool to compile all URLs in a spreadsheet and delete any duplicates. The following lists a couple of useful ones which mainly index mid-tier to smaller blogs:

Blog Hub –

Blog Chicks ( Female bloggers only) –

Blogs and PR –

Aussie Bloggers Directory –

The Australian Index –

Australian Blogs –

Blogger Connect –

Expat Blog (Expat bloggers only) –

2. Blogger Agency

The above blog directories are handy for the search for mid sized blogs. How about if you’re fortunate enough to be given massive budgets to play with and would like to spend it on targeting a handful of top influencers rather than hundreds of small blogs? As blogging has become more and more established as legitimate business in Australia, a couple of professional Blogger Agency has sprung in the Australian blogosphere. These blogger agencies act as a bridge of communication between brands, PR and bloggers. Although they only represent a small percentage of blogs, their bloggers all have fairly impressive stats and influencing power in the social circles.

Remarkables – Lorraine heads up the Remarkables Team that represents some a-list bloggers such as Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim, Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella and Christina from Hair Romance.

Creative Jack – Dana is the bubbly creator of the agency and adopts a storytelling approach to blog campaigns. She represents a couple of mid-tier to top influencers in various niches including Clint from Reservoir Dad and Sonia from Life Love and Hiccups.

FELT – FELT brings together a selected few influential fashion bloggers such as Oracle Fox, Gary Pepper Girl and Zanita.

How do you prospect for local blogs? Have you come across any tools or sites that make your prospecting work easier? Sharing is caring! Speak your mind and leave a comment below.

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August 28,2013
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