Tips on Pitching Publishers Part 1
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August 11,2014

Tips on Pitching Publishers Part 1

Tips & Gadgets on Pitching Publishers Part 1


So you have an exclusive story that you’re excited to share, but disappointment grows as your work doesn’t reach the masses you feel it should. Those emails and tweets to publisher’s/pr agencies sink into the sea, like a stone, disappearing forever… You wonder what you should have done for a better outcome or what exactly you need to do to attract a publisher’s attention? Below are some tips that may help you out for future pitching.


Here are some interesting points and facts you should know before you pitch:

  • The majority of publishers we outreach to only write one story per day.
  • An average worker receives 12k emails a year. Writers & publishers however, receive around 38k and 26k of those are people trying to secure press coverage.
  • Although most writers publish 1 story per day, 44% of these people are pitched to around 20 times per day. This meaning the chance of having a successful pitch is around 5%.

Below are some tips for outreaching to writers/publishers – Use them wisely:


  1. Spend some time on Twitter.

Identify the best possible publisher for your topic before you pitch. Read their profile bio or see their past tweets to classify what kind of publisher/writer they are. It is in these areas that most publisher’s will make their personal interests and specific field they write for clear. In addition to this you will also want to be on the lookout for their contact details on their profile. If you can find this here, it will save you a lot of time.

A handy tool that will help you save more time when searching twitter is Followerwonk. This allows you to search Twitter bios for specific terms. For example, if you’re looking for a Tech Writer, simply search for this term in the “Search Twitter bios” tool box. The most relevant results will then appear on the list.


  1. Google Search.

A simple Google search for specific writer’s will help you find out more about them. They may even have their own personal website/ blog. This will again give us more ideas of the writer’s interests, personality and even personal history. You will find this extremely helpful in establishing first contact with them. By looking at their blog, you will also be given a clearer indication of whether this writer is best for you.




  1. Collaboration over written content.

The beauty of outreaching to a writer is that they are specialized in their field and know how to write to appeal to their readers. When approaching the writers try to use the idea of a collaboration instead of sending them written content. Make sure you also let the writer know just how much you enjoy their work.


  1. Original Research.

Publishers like original research components. Even if the publisher likes your content ideas, a writer wants unique data. If you pitch something without original research, a publisher will be less likely to accept your piece, especially those top tier sites.


  1. Networking

Networking with publishers is extremely important. If the publisher is familiar with your name, the higher your chances are in succeeding with the pitch. This can be done by retweeting a publisher’s tweet and tagging their name within. Another way would be to favourite a publisher’s tweet, this provides an opportunity for them to become familiar with your name.


I hope the tips from above help you with your future pitches to writers and publishers.

Content Marketing
August 11,2014
Guest Author

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