4 Quick Tips You Can Implement Now for Better Writing
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Content Writing
July 29,2016

4 Quick Tips You Can Implement Now for Better Writing

Written communication – love it or hate it, it’s probably here to stay. At least until someone develops implants that allow us to chat telepathically with anyone, anywhere.

Until that happens, writing will remain important. If it’s not your forte, this post is for you: 4 super simple tricks to make your emails, briefs, pitches, posts or web copy better.

You’re welcome. *tips hat*

1. Plan

Don’t start writing without a clear goal in mind. If you do, there’s a lot of potential to go off the original topic and confuse your readers.

Tip: Map out the bones of your writing piece before letting the words flow.

2. Simplify

Never use one big sentence that could be split into 2 (or more) smaller, clearer sentences. Long sentences are more likely to lose or confuse your audience, so keep them short and sharp. Keep separate ideas separate.

Tip: Use simple language to make your writing easy to read (e.g. replace words like ‘justification’ with words like ‘reason’).

3. Spellcheck

Use the tool and your brain. Read your work carefully, because one incorrect word can change the meaning of your writing.

Tip: Sit on it for a day or two if possible – you’re more likely to pick up typos with some time away from your work.

4. Research

Unless you literally wrote the book on the topic you’re writing about, a little research never goes astray. Knowing as much as possible will help you avoid sentences that have no purpose, making your writing clear, concise and valuable to your audience.

Tip: Get to know a variety of reputable sources that you can turn to for dependable information.

Found this helpful? You might like our post on how to write effective web copy. Of course, not everyone has time to write their own articles – if this sounds like you, get in touch with us to find out more about our content writing services!

Content Writing
July 29,2016

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