A Day In The Life Of A Content Writer
Kyle Kyle
Content Writing
January 27,2016

A Day In The Life Of A Content Writer


The alarm sounds and I rise enthusiastically from bed, ready and eager to take on all the challenges today might bring. Lol jk. I tap that snooze button faster than Speedy Gonzalez and go immediately back to sleep.


I actually wake up as my 7th consecutive alarm sounds.


While on the train, I check my emails. Do my Google alerts have any interesting news about ‘content marketing’ this morning? Meh, not really. Back to checking Facebook.


I get to the office. With a sigh of relief, I realise the door is unlocked and I hear noises from inside. Last time I arrived first, I triggered the alarm – I don’t think my heart could deal with that trauma a second time.


I respond to the couple of emails I’ve received overnight. Everything is on track for my clients, which is nice.


I work out a quote for one of our SEO/Content projects. Calculating costs per page is one of the rare opportunities I get to relive my high school mathematics glory days.


Time for our daily team catch-up. Everyone else calls it WIP, which stands for Work In Progress. I call it WHIP, which stands for What Have I Planned. I’m edgy that way and everybody needs to know it.


Time to take advantage of some prime creativity time. I write up a couple of website pages for one of my favourite clients. Time and reality blur into nonexistence as I absorb myself in my writing. Today I’m a garage doors expert. Tomorrow I might specialise in power tools. Or cooking. Or maybe even dentistry. I wear so many hats as a writer that I’ve forgotten what my hair looks like.


Fellow content writer Isobel has completed some blog posts and needs them to be edited, stat. They’re so wonderfully written that a tear crystallises in my eye and dances down my cheek. I might be exaggerating a little, but they are really good.


Game on. Caitlin, another (fabulous) writer*, challenges me to a lunchtime table tennis battle. The ball flies at incredible speed in every direction – occasionally even onto the table. We call a truce and retire gracefully, miraculously having avoided any serious injuries.

*Caitlin writes blog posts as well and they are typically much better than this one. You should totally check them out.


I have a genuinely fun afternoon ahead of me. I need to write a quiz about touring abroad, a task that combines 2 of my favourite things: travel and trivia. I get some inspiration from the client’s website, which features some stunning photographs, and I get stuck into the question-creating. Time flies. Like an aeroplane. Yes, I really need a holiday.


Caitlin and I have our weekly marketing meeting with Carolyn, Head of Content. We discuss things like Search Factory’s Facebook page and our upcoming blog posts. I show them this draft and we all agree this concept was probably a bad one. But I’ve come much too far to stop now.


My energy levels have plateaued. I reinvigorate my mind by listening to Can’t Hug Every Cat. Few musical compositions have affected me emotionally to the same degree as this one. I highly recommend. 5/7. Sorry, I’m thinking about cats again.


Going to finish the day with some intense research to prepare for a big project tomorrow: an infographic that merges insurance with Star Wars. Not going to lie – I’m keen as.


It’s home time. I spend the train trip dwelling on the activities of the day and thinking about all the mistakes I might have made without realising. Always good to end on a positive note.

Content Writing
January 27,2016

Author: Kyle

Kyle loves writing and editing content, which is fortunate since he's our Head of Content. He particularly likes creating infographics and interactive quizzes, but he’ll take whatever he’s given to be honest. After working across a range of industries for an eclectic collection of clients, Kyle is an expert in sounding like an expert. He also likes to play tennis and sing, but he'll never get paid to do either of these things.

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