Free Link Building Tips For Bloggers
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May 9,2013

Free Link Building Tips For Bloggers

Recently I’ve been fairly active in the blogosphere mainly for my outreaching effort for my clients, and also for my personal blog that I’ve just started. Putting my two hats on, as a Link Building Manager by day and a Blogger by night  gives me lots of inspirations as to what niches of blogs I can go targeting for my clients, and also types of powerful backlinks I can build for my own blog.

During my blog research, I came across so many bloggers who put great effort in creating awesome content, but have overlooked the other equally important aspect of blogging, which is building backlinks and authority to their blogs. Hence here I’m compiling below a list of ideas and sites that give free backlinks of good authority for bloggers.

Social Media profiles


Free Blog Directories/ RSS Feed

BlogHer (female bloggers)
Expat Blog (expat bloggers)

Free Local Australian Blog Directories:

Blog Chicks (Australian women bloggers)
Blog Hub
The Australian Index

This is only part one as I’ll be expanding on the list down the track. I’m sure there’re heaps more opportunities to create strong backlinks from social media profiles or community forum profiles, share your thoughts if you’ve come across any other gold mines!

Happy linking.

Content Writing
May 9,2013
Guest Author

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